Trump Economy Recovery Council To Go Full David Dao On The Economy

President Trump’s Economic Recovery Council members have been revealed and the first name that stands out on the list is United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz, who has plenty of time to lobby for bail outs since he’s turning over the reins to Scott Kirby next month.

Under Munoz’s leadership our country can take an aggressive stance to restarting business activity, “going full David Dao” on the deep recession, no apologies. In 2017 the FAA Administration hoped to get dragged off a plane himself because United’s bumps became so lucrative they were stimulating the economy.

Munoz can even personally bring construction back online by stealing sand from a public beach for his home.

Credit: Daily Mail

Thanks to Arne Sorenson’s socially-distanced presence in the room we’ll inflate the nation’s currency, and eliminate all taxes – to be replaced with mandatory “society fees.” Each guest (citizen) will be charged a nightly fee for roads, police protection, and travel industry subsidies but will be entitled to solo use of a kayak once per week. His Green New Deal will mean the elimination of single use plastic shampoo bottles in homes, with everyone buying in bulk.

Intercontinental Hotels Group’s Elie Maalouf will serve on the council, too. He’s neither an economist nor an epidemiologist, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

And with Hilton CEO Christopher Nassetta’s leadership, everyone suffering during these challenging times will use their three month trial Honors Gold status for free breakfast.

Carnival Cruise Line’s Micky Arison, Royal Caribbean’s Richard Fain, and Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Frank Del Rio also serve on the council, so expect that we’ll accelerate the return to normal by building up herd immunity, requiring that everyone become infected on a cruise ship. And we’ll prevent this from ever happening again by requiring one cruise per year for everyone in the country. The Society Fee we’re now paying for will include medical care for up to 3 viruses contracted per trip.

Finally, I see that Barry Sternlicht (Starwood Capital Group) is part of this group. If Sternlicht were to meet with Sorenson on the sidelines and come up with a deal to acquire Starwood from Marriott, that’s probably the best outcome that could come out of these meetings.

(HT: Barry K)

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  1. I was wondering who would be chosen to help decide when to end this “plandemic”.

  2. @James N – keep up the “it’s all a big hoax” theory! It looks more stupid by the day.

  3. Orange Man Bad. Orange Man Bad. Orange Man Bad.
    There, fixed the title for you Gary. TDS much today??

  4. @UA-NYC Actually it’s the exact opposite. Unfortunately, as you routinely demonstrate, the level of critical thought in this nation is sorely lacking. The evidence is there for anyone willing to look, not that I would expect you to be one of them.

  5. @James N – ok, let’s see some of your “evidence” then. Maybe you will write up “some papers” a la Agent Orange. And note, sourcing from Breitbart, 8chan, Drudge, or the like doesn’t count as “evidence”.

  6. @ Gary — Who wants to start a pool on the date the first member of this council resigns or is fired? And how long before they disband this stupid council completely? This will just be a new group of people for Trump to blame when the economy doesn’t “take off”. So predictable.

  7. @Gary. I do not like the individuals mentioned in your article either for the reasons you cited. However, from a common sense standpoint, if you want to restart the travel industry, it seems like travel executives would be a good place to start. For that matter, I would love if they put you on the council as well.

  8. The UA-NYC’s anti-American Sicko gang is having a virtual meeting in this comment section.

    I remain a proud American, and will never join that disgusting gang, no matter how many ad hominems they toss my way. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

    Sorry, I cannot resist riling them up by saying the key words: God bless America.

  9. @UA-NYC… It is with great delight when someone takes the bait and falls into the trap. You unwittingly just validated my point and to make it even worse, I’m guessing you can’t figure out how.

  10. @OJS – you are a spineless little troll. Truly, truly, a worthless human being. Go back to your Alt Right brethren.

  11. @James N – while you may not have the racism of OJS, you too do now seem to be trolling with Admiral Akbar’ing “it’s a trap!” nonstop. Yet you never give us your conspiracy theory for “us” to critique.

    So it’s now frankly just boring.

  12. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, will not be joining the committee as he and the 1,700 engineers are still working on the website President Trump announced a month ago.

  13. I am so relieved to hear this. Takes my mind off the FACT that there is STILL not enough testing being done.

  14. @James N – the evidence actually is against you – who looks foolish now for not being able to figure it out! That’s right…you. Toodles!

  15. The Dao incident resulted in UA making many improvements. Implementing the Core4 program and moving to ServiceNow were huge gains for customer care and service.

    Gary- Any updates about the regional Shanghai Communist Government (take over from HNA) 25% ownership of Hilton?

  16. UA-NYC…Keep trying! Have you figured out how you validated my point? I’m guessing you’re not going to get it.

  17. James N….you REALLY don’t get it, it seems. We are all living in a simulation…a Matrix, if you will. Red pill or blue pill for you?

  18. Gary, UA-NYC, et. al,

    At least they did not include any executives from Solyndra and other failed Obama corporate welfare scams, right?

  19. They could simply bring the economy back by flying these folks around the country and have them visit cities and stay in a Marriott and eat at Jimmy Johns 😉

  20. Awesome comeback Hadley. Solyndra is a tiny grain of sand compared to the full beach of what the temporary occupant of the WH will be giving away here. Good thing there’s only ~200 more days!

  21. I find this so confusing…
    Is ICE going to knock down my door and place me in a Starbucks?
    Do they want me to start working there? or just sit in the seating area and sip overpriced beverages throughout the day?
    Will I have a schedule?
    Will I be sent to only one business? or multple?
    Can I make changes with my schedule with other people being forced back to work/play by the president?
    Who approves those schedule changes?
    When will The Wall be finished? Will that end the pandemic?
    Will the Space Force be activated?

  22. @UA-NYC~ It’s pretty much Trump supporters big day out today, so why not look for entertainment elsewhere and let them wallow about in their swamp?

  23. Oh man. That anti American constitution trampling @otherjustsaying is always good for a laugh.
    He trots our ad hominem attacks himself, and then cries like a baby when people retaliate.
    Just like his Fuhrer, he can dish it but he can’t take it.
    Thanks mate.
    Ps. Grow a pair and admit you want a dictatorship.

  24. Nine months, almost to the day, before the hideous blob disappears forever. The USA will recover from the twin horrors: the impact of the virus should have lessened, and the orange blancmange will be back in the swamp whence it came.

  25. @Paolo~ Sadly the orange blob will not disappear. It’s a bit like trying to get that pesky stain out of your carpet. Still it will be entertaining seeing all the lawsuits which are piling up, and the federal and state prosecutions for misdeeds unearthed during the previous 4 years. His enemies are countless. Will he do a Harvey Weinstein and take to a walking stick and wheelchair to elicit sympathy? He will be 75+ by then and looking for the doorhandle of God’s Waiting Room.

    @747always~ You almost have a dictatorship already. If Trump ‘closes down’ Congress as he threatens, it will be complete. #Amendment25 is trending on Twitter I see.

  26. Ha ha. 747always the bed wetting crazy hate-american wimp showed up. What a loser.

  27. @Glen T. When you showed up to comment on Boris Johnson, I thought you might be one of the people that would carries 747always wet diaper, one of UA-NYC’s hate America Sicko gang that celebrates suffering in the USA.

    BTW. You are too stupid to understand what Trump is planning to do. Presidents have been able to make recess appointments forever. Pelosi has declared the House in session, but House has gone home, which is actually a recess. This stunt, if legal prevents Trump (and all future Presidents with a divided congress) from making recess appointments. The only way to test this stunt, is to declare the House in recess because nobody is there and make recess appointments. Then the court will determine whether Pelosi’s stunt is legal or not. In America, when there is a dispute between Branches of Government, the courts decide. You creeps are too stupid to understand that.

    @Glen t. I am a proud American. I don’t know why I lower myself to argue with people of your ilk.

  28. @OJS~ maybe because no-one else will talk to you? Oh, and it’s glenn, with 2 ‘n’s, in case you are dyslectic in addition to your other mental afflictions.
    You have outed yourself as a member of the 30%Trump Knucklehead Club who can’t see they are living in a near-dictatorship ruled by a lunatic and his hand-picked toadies. There is only one way this will end~ spectacularly! You will be collateral damage, but hey, who cares? Not me.
    Please do not ‘lower’ yourself to reply. This thread has run its course.

  29. Awww. Ickle @otherjustsaying lacks the courage to admit he wants a dictatorship. But then he and his right wing lunatic inbred brethren aren’t know to have courage.
    Keep deflecting, you anti American nonce. It’s all you can do while sitting in your mommy’s basement

  30. I don’t think @otherjustsaying can lower himself any further than he already has done to ensure his nose is all the way up his Fuhrers ass.
    Then again we should never be surprised by how low OJS and his trump arse licking Ilk can fall.
    OJS is already outed as a nonce

  31. @747always, I smell something. I think your diaper needs changing. GleN T, could you do the honors. You seem to like smelly sewers.

  32. @otherjustsaying since your nose is up Trumps ass we know you only smell his shit. Try harder, you cowardly anti American nonce.

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