Trump Won’t Honor Hotel Mistake Rate and 3000 Bonus United Miles

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  1. Wow!!! Basically FAA said that transgender possibly have a mental health concern / mentally ill. Thus, the said transgender can be issued a pilot license after verifying the abovementioned line of thought.

    Now, I’m curious why only transgender? How about gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual?

  2. @ Peter
    The WGNTV site headline is: “Woman scores hotel deal on website but hotel says they won’t honor it” How is that misleading?

    The VFTW headline is :Trump Hotel Chicago doesn’t want to honor mistake rate” Again, how is that misleading?

  3. “Trump won’t honor”… LOL on the headline. Another day, another Trump Derangement Syndrome meltdown from Gary and the View from the Left Wing. It’s going to be a wonderful 8 years watching you and your liberal buds in full meltdown mode. LMAO.

  4. Jaymar, read it again. Jose is spot on.

    No to mention that almost universally a post on a miles and points blog about a mistake fare/rate is one where many people tried to take advantage of the mistake before it got pulled. Here, it was one person.

  5. Gary knows full well the property is organized as an LLC and Trump licenses his name, brand, etc. Why should they honor something that was clearly a mistake?

    Unlike the airlines hotels are regulated by state, county and in some cases city ordinances. They aren’t required to honor something way below market, and the RM lead should have cancelled it unilaterally and sent a note offering to rebook at market rate.

  6. Another bait and switch lie from Trump. The sons are just as bad as the father. If they made a mistake they should honor it and move on. I’m sure if his contractor made a mistake on his bid for building the hotel Trump would sue him to honor the original price. For the best discounts at Trump Hotels mention the FSB security service rate. Nobody gets better deals.

  7. @Mark Amazing people on these blogs exploit laws intending to protect consumers to force companies to offer their services well below market and in many cases below costs. Fortunately the DOT has wised up on the Flyertalk and blogger types and aren’t going to force airlines to honor $100 F tickets to Shanghai anymore.

    Everyone here wants something for nothing. Gary says his family is in the auto industry; NADA backs dealers who constantly fleece consumers with phony documentation fees, prep fees, mandatory dealer addendums and aftermarket products that include $700 fabric sealants, etc. Take advantage of people who have less than perfect credit, low ball trade-ins, spot deliveries, etc.

    Car dealers run ads constantly including military, college grad, conquest, and other programs people may not qualify for and then don’t honor the price in the ad. Why should a hotel?

  8. @Larry… What does Trump Hotels refusing to honor a price have to do with car dealerships and Gary’s family? I guarantee you that if the contractor Trump hired to install his hotel floors or bedroom furniture screwed up the price he would hold them to it and either sue them or stiff them. You can’t have it both ways. I doubt many rooms were booked at the discounted price anyway so it’s just bad PR on their part. I don’t think Trump or his family needs any more bad press. Seems silly to make a big deal out of it.

  9. I’m also curious…how about trump deplorables?

    Obviously they have a mental health concern / are mentally ill, which the FAA should also address.

    Jose – be careful, with your name, you might be writing your next comment from Mexico (I’m sure you’ll still enjoy the next 8 years from there).

  10. @james Why trust a Transsexual? They have to live the life of the opposite sex for a year before they can go through the operation. They have to see professional help also. It is the guys that are the closet dressers that I am concered about. they are the ones who I do not feel comfortable with

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