Uber Reducing New Member Referral Credits In Two Weeks

Since I’ve covered Uber extensively in the past, I thought it worth flagging that Uber:

  • Appears to be cracking down on being able to stack new member referral credits with promotion codes (generally you have to choose one or the other, otherwise they’ll remove the latter from your account). (HT: Deals We Like)
  • Is reducing new member referral credits from $20 to $10 after April 25. That means using a referral credit a couple of weeks from now will only get you $10 towards your first ride (and only get the person who refers you $10 as well).

Here’s the email I received from Uber on this second point:

One last opportunity for double referrals* — score $20 in Uber credit for every friend that takes a ride before April 25th with your invite code. Take advantage of these last two weeks before referral credit returns to $10.

The text says ‘after’ April 25, but the fine print actually reads “*To receive $20 credit, friends must ride before midnight on April 25, 2014.”

The referrer will only get $20 if your first ride is before midnight on April 25. But the person with the new account gets $20, period, and doesn’t have to ride by that time — just sign up by then.

I’m not including my referral link here, since under Uber’s rules it turns out you’re not supposed to leave yours in the comments either. (You can, of course, find my link if you wish in my original discussion of Uber: Why Taxis Suck and What You Can Do About It.)

Here’s the story of a guy who earned $50,000 in Uber referral credits by posting his link on reddit and sending out spam. His account was closed because Uber prohibits “public distribution [of referral links] on sites where you are a contributor but not the primary content owner (e.g., Wikipedia, coupon websites) is not allowed.”

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  1. I’ve always wondered if bloggers would be as giddy towards uber if they had to actually pay for a ride. Something tesla me that a lot of them haven’t had to pay for an uber trip in a very long time bc of all the referrals.

    Not that I blame them, mind you.

  2. I finally looked at uber the other day after seeing blogger after blogger pimp their services over the last year.

    As much as I don’t like taxis why in the world would anyone pay $80 for 19 minute ride to JFK from South Brooklyn when a taxi or car service is half the price?

  3. Most of the times I use Uber it’s only marginally more than a cab and not more than a pre-arranged car service. It’s on-demand, you can track it coming to your location. And it’s a more spacious ride so you can work easily in the car. It isn’t for all trips, but I’ve had great luck with it.

  4. I have used Uber referrals to get credit, but in British Pounds. The complexity of the relationship between various national Uber organizations has never been explained. It appears that you are assigned a relationship depending on the phone number you put on your account when it is opened. I got Pound credit for opening a UK phone number account, with a referral code that was published in dollars. Can I use this pound credit outside UK? Please do a comprehensive article on using Uber outside the country of first establishment and how credits are priced when using in a different country.

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