United Airlines Platinum Status For $250 (And The Change Your Account Gets Shut Down)

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  1. The phrase is “buying a white elephant” not “buying a white envelope”. Most envelopes are white.

  2. This same user has been “selling” Delta status as well, both via ads and DMs on reddit.

  3. I know for a fact that DL gives away Platinum Medallion status to some high-level execs at UPS (both are Atlanta-based companies), my son played soccer with the guy from UPS who rarely travelled but was PM. I’m not sure that status could be sold, though…first, I’m sure DL would protest, and second, I don’t know how would someone to actually “give” it to someone.

  4. If someone flies UA a lot, one will earn it and so why buy it? If someone flies UA a little, what’s the utility of having it? Alternatively, “buy” tier status via use of UA credit cards.

  5. @Reno Joe

    Annoyingly, United now awards status strictly on how much you spend with them (with slightly reduced requirements if you also fly enough individual legs). So, if you fly with them a lot, but on cheap tickets, you might not even make Silver (this year, $3,500 spent, not counting taxes). Gold (which is quite valuable, as it includes free Economy Plus and same day changes) and higher might be out of reach entirely.

  6. No it is not safe to buy. Airlines will shut down your account if you buy miles from another member, so what are the odds they’ll let you buy “extra” statuses they have just lying around? Especially for $250 given the price to earn it? I’d go into some of the psychology of the pricing, but lets’ just stick to the basics: it’s a scam.

  7. 1. Should the headline say chance?
    2. Of all the aircraft to be attracted to…

  8. On the hotel status page of this website, they are selling status for multiples of credit card annual fees that include status. This screams scam.

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