What To Do If You’re Not Getting Great Service From Your Assigned Hyatt Concierge

Hyatt offers an assigned reservations agent to guests who stay 60 nights or more. That’s something you won’t get from any other chain.

Marriott used to have dedicated Ambassadors, but Marriott’s Ambassador members staying 100 nights and spending $20,000 with the chain no longer get this perk. Marriott laid off many of the agents who took care of top customers during the pandemic. In its place most of these elite members receive a generic email address for an ‘Ambassador team’ – replacing the idea of a single agent who would get to know your preferences and customize your stay based on this individualized learning.

The ‘My Hyatt Concierge’ program should be a huge differentiator for Hyatt. And it often is. But your experience with the program very much depends on who your assigned concierge is (this was also true of Marriott when they had assigned concierges).

Last year I wrote that 2022 would be the perfect opportunity for Hyatt to improve its concierge program since fewer members would have one assigned. The benefit is applied at 60 elite nights, not Globalist status, so anyone reaching status based on reduced qualification requirements in 2021 (30 nights) was supposed to lose access.

Unfortunately I’ve heard several stories about disappointing concierge experiences,

  • Reservations that get made at the wrong hotel or for the wrong dates
  • Requests that go unanswered
  • Requests that get confirmed but that weren’t actually completed

Pre-pandemic there were reports that when a member hit 60 nights they wouldn’t hear from the concierge program for weeks. Hyatt says this has been vastly improved. While when the program was first introduced in 2017 the stated goal was reaching out to the member in 48 hours,

We monitor this daily and assign members to individual concierges based on a variety of criteria and then the concierge’s responsible to ensure we have an introduction as soon as possible. Typically everything can happen within 72 – 96 hours of achievement of [My Hyatt Concierge] milestone earning.

Hyatt says a member unhappy with their experience can speak to their concierge about it (ok, sure) or email mhc -at-hyatt.com and “adjustments to an assigned concierge can be reviewed on a case – by – case basis.” I’d add that many Hyatt members just direct message their needs to @HyattConcierge on Twitter which generally does a great job.

There’s been a Hyatt dedicated concierge program since long before Starwood introduced their formal Ambassador benefit. I was a member of the Private Line program since about 2010, back when any Diamond member could ask to join if they knew about it. This became the My Hyatt Concierge program.

I’ve used the program for:

  • billing
  • missing points
  • reservations (which can be complex, like piecing together free night certificates and paid rates in a single booking)
  • confirmed suite upgrades
  • communicating requests to a property

The program was supposed to involve concierges getting to know member preferences and helping insure those are met on each stay. That hasn’t been my experience. I like sending off an email with my very specific reservations need (the rate I want booked, over what dates, using what kind of upgrade) but unlike at Starwood when I was an Ambassador,

  • I don’t get recommendations for other rates to consider (like applying a ‘SPG50’ discount on a suite promotion rate)
  • I’ve never gotten gifts or amenities from my concierge (though I’ve seen reports from some members who have)

At one point Hyatt trialed a program to customize stays and I was getting plenty of bottled water in my room (not just two bottles) and generous coffee setups. That seemed to go by the wayside four years ago. A concierge might work with a hotel to do this, and indeed Hyatt tells me concierges “work with their members and hotels to create memorable experiences.”

I do not know for certain whether some concierges are simple overburdened with too many members and too many requests, or whether the service just varies tremendously by agent, but the experiences readers share certainly evinces a wide spectrum of experiences. When the program was in its test phase it had just four agents, and with the rollout five years ago planned for 15-20 agents in total across all contact centers and time zones. Hyatt won’t say how many agents are working in the program today.

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  1. your comments resonate with me. I’ve only been Globalist for a year or so. My assigned person has not been great or that knowledgeable. I had to enlighten her about certain programs. I’ve found calling the globalist line to be more satisfying.

  2. I had a concierge for two years. She was fine. I found it easier to just do things myself, since I didn’t really need any help with my rather simple bookings, and with pay my way, mixing points and cash is incredibly easy.

  3. My concierge hasn’t been particularly useful, and it’s difficult to reach her.
    I now just call the general Concierge Line and speak to whoever picks up. It’s fine (though a bit disappointing).

  4. I’m new to being a Hyatt globalist. My concierge managed to make a reservation for the wrong month (March 22 instead of Apr 22) which I only noticed myself the evening of March 22. Responses have been slow (often weeks) and at this point I’ve stopped bothering and call the globalist line for service.

  5. I’d maintain any relationship is a two-way street. There is no incentive for the assigned concierge to reach out if there’s no feedback. Also, we globalists aren’t that special. There are millions of us. If we don’t take the initiative to be proactive with the assigned concierge, what makes us stand out to them? Not all assigned concierges love their jobs. Some just do it for a paycheck. Being proactive as opposed to “I’m so special” allows them to know us personally. They’ll be more inclined to prioritize us.

    I was handpicked by a former concierge to be assigned to her colleague because she was promoted. I get treats I never thought possible. As in cakes and wines as amenities on a normal/regular stay because I have a sweet tooth.

  6. My concierge has been great—very friendly and communicates regularly with me…she also proactively registers my account for promos and has insightful suggestions. She let me know what days she has off (no biggie, everyone deserves a couple of down days—if I leave a voicemail she promptly responds when back in)….and has tried to help communicate our family plans to hotels in advance of arrival. (All examples of lack of follow-through seem to be due to the hotel, not the concierge)…. She even kept an eye on upgrade availability to help us use a Suite upgrade in high-demand vacation spot….while I haven’t had any exotic or unusual requests, I find this program to be a nice touch—that said, the Globalist line agents have also been very professional…..wish the Concierge had more pull to make award space appear or upgrades—but overall, I feel she does her very best to earn our loyalty to the Hyatt brand in every interaction. I’ve never me her—but genuinely look forward to her help on occasion (about 4-6 times per year).

  7. I stayed over 60 nights last year with Hyatt. I was never assigned a concierge. Should I email them at the address provided in the post?

  8. @kaz – check your spam folder. I had the same issue and turns out she’d emailed as soon as I hit!

    I’m happy with my concierge generally. She gets more complicated things done within a day and I’venever had an issue. She’ll fix billing issues, confirm preferences for stays, help with special occasions. For anything timely (Suite Upgrade, reservations, Guest of Honor)C I will call or use Twitter.

  9. I must admit I forgot about this service, as I haven’t heard from anyone in several months. Is there a way to look up who your concierge is?

  10. I’ve been a globalist for 4 years. In that time I’ve called the concierge line probably 40 times. Never has my assigned concierge been available. It’s fine. The others have been helpful.

  11. I had a great one for years but she retired. My replacement was non-responsive so I requested a replacement which I received. This one is marginally better than replacement.
    I asked her one day why it takes so long for responses now and she said the ratio of Globalists to concierge has greatly increased, but she did not give specifics.
    I no longer view the benefit of a concierge as much value. I can’t recall anything in the past two years she has done for me to provide value.

  12. non-US-based Hyatt Globalist agents who can be reached by phone have been excellent in my experience. And the best agents I’ve experienced are from one of the countries you might not expect to offer top service.

  13. I’ve had the same Concierge for about 4 years, and I’ve never found her to be particularly helpful. Responses to booking or upgade requests have taken 2-3 days and then this has sometimes resulted in rooms or upgrades disappearing in that timeframe. The only reason I kept trying to use the Concierge was because at least then, by email, I would receive a written confirmation of the upgrade, whereas normal booking by phone never provides you anything you can point to – not at least so as I can see – if you arrive at the hotel and they give you a blank stare when you ask about the suite. On the phone, they always insist that it’s in the system and the hotel can see it, but you can’t.

    Sometimes when I’ve called, the Globalist line agents have been really helpful in making sure something I wanted happened, like giving me the tip to book a cert night last in order in a weeklong trip booked mostly on points so the points’ nights can get upgraded to the suite and then the hotel usually gives you the cert night in the suite as well rather than making a guest move rooms. (It’s not the most brilliant tip, but I didn’t think to do it). This bending, not breaking, of rules is appreciated. However, my Concierge has never offered even one helpful suggestion or aid in booking, across several dozen various requests. When I’ve asked how something could be done, her response is usually, “That can’t be done. Hope you have a great day.” She’s never been rude, just nothing over and above what one gets calling.

  14. My consierge is outstanding. Couldn’t ask for better. She is proactive, extremely responsive, and has gone way beyond expectations in fixing anything that might go wrong along the way. When a property closed on short notice in NYC last December she moved heaven and Earth to make it right for me (and it was a very complicated reservation).

  15. My Hyatt Concierge is OUTSTANDING. During business hours he always answers my e-mails within a few minutes. On weekends and holidays, another concierge usually answers me within a few hours. Most of my stays involve points or TSU’s or changes to reservations involving those which is why I’m in contact with him a couple of times a month. I couldn’t ask for better and more prompt service ! As a lifetime Globalist I really appreciate him and the My Hyatt Concierge program.

  16. My conceirge is basically useless. She’s made me reservations for the worng days. She can do nothing to solve a problem that I can not do myself, easily. A shame, but not a huge deal. Not sure I really need a “conceirge.”

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