United Airlines Tests Return Of Full Business Class Meal Service [Roundup]

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  1. United needs to restore business class food quality. The multi-course service flow is a given. They need to do better. Add back the FA to improve service.

  2. I generally prefer a multi-course service, particularly on long flights, but UA operates a lot of short trans-Atlantic flights from EWR. It is hard enough to get decent sleep on a flight with 7 or fewer hours of flight time, but given the incredibly slow service of many UA crews (particularly on the high-J 767s), this is likely to drag out the meal service even longer. Even if they marginally improve the food, in my opinion sleep trumps airplane food.

  3. Taking away an extra FA and expecting full service may be a stretch. That is akin to training one’s replacement while being let go, it just seems counterintuitive. But hey, Airlines have done stranger things.

  4. United desperately needs to go back to the pre-pandemic three course meal delivery. I’m tired of having to eat my hot meal first before my salad and appetizer, so that I’m not eating cold food. Just add back the staffing and serve the salad and appetizer first like a normal airline. If I pay for Polaris it should be worth the cost.

  5. Idk…recently flew Polaris back from Europe and thought it was…perfectly fine? I don’t really find it a more “premium” experience to just have to wait longer for a trickle of food to come out. I’m not a big service theater person, I guess. They did have the ice cream cart, and I can see how people think that is cool. Overall, to be honest I was quite impressed with the Polaris experience across the board (point of comparison for me would usually be LH J for the same city pair).

  6. Mr. Malik was not using technology to the best degree possible. He should have encrypted all sensitive data with strong encryption. Operating system basic security can be bypassed on many cellphones. As for the case, I doubt that this case will become a Supreme Court decision later on.

  7. With the exception of a diplomatic satchel, there is nothing immune from search and seizure at any US border crossing (this has nothing to do with Texas). The constitution does not and will never apply at border crossings.

  8. When I go on business trips, I hit the ground running at my destinations. I really prefer not to have a drawn out inflight meal service with cabin lights fully on and flight attendants running around. Let’s not pretend it would be some delightful culinary experience. There is no way food can taste good after it has been chilled for hours and reheated on the plane. Most business people I know feel the same way. Give me my meal and let me rest or work.

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