United CEO Fined $58,625 for Stealing Sand From Public Beach For His Mansion’s Yard

In the days following the David Dao passenger beating incident onboard a United Express plane, the airline’s CEO was chided for bicycle riding in front of his $6 million Florida mansion. Now that mansion has him in trouble in a different way.

Credit: Daily Mail

In March I wrote that Oscar Munoz was being investigated by the State of Florida for ‘sand scraping’ or stealing sand from the beach to create dunes in the yard of his Florida home. The Department of Environmental Quality said Munoz and three neighbors “may have skirted laws designed to protect the state’s natural resources.”

Hurricanes Matthew and Irma wiped out the dunes in front of his home. A neighbor shot video of of “two earth movers scooping sand from the public beach last week and hauling it toward four private homes” and turned in the neighbors.

Now Florida’s Department of Environmental Quality found he purchased basic economy landscaping and that doesn’t come with any free dunes is assessing “$58,625 in civil penalties and costs” and in addition “the homeowners could be responsible for the restoration of the sand dunes to their original state.”

If this isn’t paid by June 22 the Department “can take legal action.”

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  1. Sounds like a contractor doing the work for multiple people. This is hardly newsworthy or indicative to a lack of good for the consumer…if we want to attack something let’s attack the board giving him such a large compensation package. Who among us wouldn’t have a beach home in a golf neighborhood if we could afford it?

    I noticed well south on the same road a property for sale for under $600k, beachfront and in need of work. Seems like a bargain just for the land…

  2. A CEO that’s always doing the right thing for the public
    What a horrible human being that should know better
    I suppose I made the right choice by never flying them again

  3. So United is having a fire sale on miles today, only 1.67 cents. I guess the CEO is finding a quick way to cough up that $58,625 fine for “beach scraping”. Way to go Munoz!

  4. @SadStateOfOurNation. Did you know hatred brings you to the dark side of the force. However, I am sure you don’t have any midi-chlorians in your blood, so we do not have to worry about you turning into Darth Vader. Thank goodness.

    Oscar Munoz is responsible for the demise of United. However, if I owned a house and some municipal/state/or federal agency fined me, I would not like it. Ask any house owner, that happens way more often then you think. Rules Rules Rules, the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot.

  5. Im sorry but do you really think the CEO of United cares about a $58,625 fine? He’ll make that tomorrow morning. Probably between 9 and 10Am

  6. Oh I get it.
    Kinda like the 10 buck you’re gonna make tomorrow morning from 9-10.
    But are you sure you’re not gonna miss it though?

  7. So, let’s have some fun and do the math for this theft by United’s CEO from taxpayers in terms of Polaris gel foam pillows & blankets!!!

    If the Polaris “goodies” the airline recently whined about passengers availing themselves of the “five finger discount” costs:

    a.) at $75 that’s 781.67 “kits’” worth of Polaris swag – or MORE than TWO fully loaded Boeing densified 777s (200s or 300ERs); more than TWO fully loaded Boeing 747-400s; more than THREE fully loaded Boeing 767-400ERs or 787-9s; more than FOUR fully loaded Airbus A320s, Boeing 757-200s or Boeing 737-9/900s, and more than SIX fully loaded Airbus A319s or Boeing 737-700s; more than TEN, yes, ten, fully loaded Embraer 170s/175s; and more than 15 fully loaded Bombardier CRJ-200s or Embraer 145s

    b.) at $100 that’s 586.25 “kits’” worth of Polaris swag – or more than TWO fully loaded Boeing 767-400ERs or 787-9s; more than three fully loaded Boeing 767-300ERs or 737-9/900s; more than FOUR Airbus A319s or Boeing 737-700s; more than SEVEN Embraer 170s/175s; and more than 11 Bombardier CRJ-200s or Embraer 145s

    c.) at $125 that’s 469 “kits’” worth of Polaris swag – or more than THREE Airbus A319s or Boeing 737-700s; more than SIX Embraer 170s/175s; and more than NINE Bombardier CRJ-200s or Embraer 145s.

    Isn’t it amazing how when airlines are cheap AF they’re “Saints”, but when passengers are “cheap” they’re branded as no-good, undeserving ingrates…

    …or how when the handful of passengers who do actually pay THOUSANDS of dollars for Polaris get sticky fingers they’re thieves…

    …yet when the CEO of an airline who steals $58,625 of sand from a public beach (or their Board of Directors who hired the CEO) whines about those sticky fingered passengers, they’re righteous Saints protecting the airline’s property!

    Go figure!

  8. I have an oceanfront home near there. (Not in the $6M neighborhood, though…) Speaking from personal knowledge: any homeowner, and any contractor, is absolutely aware that scraping sand from the beach is blatantly illegal. Even local governments, like the city of St. Augustine Beach, have difficulty getting permits to move sand to prevent flooding in the immediate runup to a hurricane. Absolutely no way this was any sort of miscommunication or honest mistake.

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