675 American Airlines Regional Flights Cancelled, Here’s What American is Telling Employees

This has gotten some coverage but since it’s an outage at regional carrier PSA — a wholly owned subsidiary that operates as American Eagle — rather than at mainline American it’s relatively undercovered considering the magnitude of travel disruption.

PSA operates over 100 Bombardier CRJ regional jets. Their largest operation centers around American’s Charlotte hub.

Here’s what American Airlines is telling employees:

The airline expects to resume operations midday today.

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  1. I have invented a computer program that translates AA press releases into real English, I call it the AAspeak5 (Version 2.0)

    The AAspeak5 has the following translation of the employee notification

    “Sorry, not Sorry”

  2. I like the look on the faces in the photo. Seems like my recent experiences on AA. I don’t say this to be mean as I have been a big supporter of AA but lately it seems they aren’t sure what they are doing. It’s not this random delay or another. It’s not just the shrinking density or the gate agent that yelled at me in PHL awhile back. It’s not the constant devaluation, It’s not the ongoing lack of decent international award space. It’s like death by a 1,000 cuts. As a non-hub captive loyal AA customer I can only take so many before I bleed to death. I knew something was going wrong with my AA loyalty when I found myself on a Southwest flight recently.

  3. My sister and her child have been stuck in Charlotte since yesterday afternoon. First rebooked on flight today, then it was cancelled. Her return flight from SAV next Monday was also cancelled. There are no rental cars left. Rentals off airport are restricting cars to local area, no out of town drop offs and no space on other airlines. A friend is now driving from Savannah to pick her up, what a mess.

  4. Another day, another example of just how awful American Airlines has become…

    …so bad, that I don’t even bother looking at flights on that airline when family & friends ask for recommendations, or ask me to book their flights!

    …including more than a dozen people in the past 2-months alone, for two domestic and four international itineraries stretching from Europe to Asia…

    When going back six months, that’s three additional international & another three domestic itineraries (or six total)…

    With ALL international economy widebody itineraries being aboard nine abreast per row Boeing 777s, seven abreast per row Boeing 767s (Korean Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Delta & SAA), Airbus A330s & A340s with eight abreast per row seating, and a domestic roundtrip transcon aboard Delta’s 767s…

    So, that’s at least a dozen trips in all, for at least a dozen people…with 8 family members specifically booked on Korean Airlines to ensure they don’t get stuck on a crappy, densified, ten abreast Boeing 777 for their 15+ hours transpacific flights!

    In fact, most flights have been aboard Delta or its SkyTeam members (Korean Airlines & Virgin Atlantic), with just one itinerary being a family of three on Turkish Airlines.

    American is always avoided, and with United moving to ten abreast 777s, they’re out, too…for domestic widebody transcons or international flights to/from Asia.

    Why would anyone bother flying crappy airlines like American or United when Delta is better?

    Sure, it’s just a handful of people – but in six months it’s still a dozen (or more) bookings spanning four continents and a decent amount of overall value, and except for a short haul connecting segment between Charlotte and Washington Dulles on AA Eagle for five family members that came with the outbound itinerary on Korean Airlines (using that airline’s web site for booking), American was NEVER even considered for ANY itineraries.


  5. Every complains in the wrong place. Need to say it to the airlines not just here. If you think AA is bad try SW or DL or Eastern … Gone. Or UA same problems for all of them

  6. I’m disappointed with the comments 😉 Of course, I expected everyone to b*tch about their AA experiences, but why are there none of the usual colorful speculations? Was it Russian hackers? Is this a software-ransom situation? Covert targeting by Trump or the unfortunate side effects of an Obama-era policy? C’mon guys, make some (interesting) fake news!

  7. On June 7 I bought a revenue ticket to fly Delta one-way CHS–ATL–Toronto (YYZ) for $250 on June 15. My flights on two comfortable MD-88’s were on-time, indeed 15 minutes early! I guess I’m lucky that AA waited till June 13 to open up Saver AAward seats for the 15th. Or maybe I could have been so lucky to get a PHL connection on AA with my BA miles (no $75 rush fee!)

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