United Passenger Threatens Seatmates And Crew, Demands To Be Kicked Off Flight

Th founder of a VR gaming company has viral video on TikTok of a passenger on being kicked off of a Los Angeles-bound United flight “after screaming, threatening, and pushing flight crew and passengers.”

Uploaded on Thursday, videos are currently pushing 4 million views. And believe it or not, this wasn’t just a mask dispute. Things began going south when the passenger wouldn’t get off of his phone, and only later did it descend into a mask dispute.

Maybe for the first time ever the passenger demands to be removed from the flight yelling at the crewmember that he “didn’t even want to go to Cali.” He took off his mask and declared plans to dox the flight attendant, and pushed a seated passenger to get into the aisle.

“I will find your name, date of birth, and address,” the man says. “I will know your social security number before I get off this plane. On my daughter.”

The passenger demanded, what’s “the law gonna do,” and threatened a passenger coming to help that he’d better “mind his business” or he’d break the man’s neck. Then it gets even worse as the dialog descends into race.

One TikTok commenter writes, “Welcome to the no fly list” and another offered “there’s easier ways to not go to Cali. Consider these ‘NSFW’ and ‘NSF Work From Home’ if there are others around due to foul language.


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  1. Flying MIA-JFK-ATH on Wednesday. Any flight attendant reading this, know I have you back if you need it. These morons have to start behaving or stop flying. Have never seen a sign on the aircraft before boarding that states that civil behavior is not required for the duration of the flight.

  2. Typical New Yorker behavior at EWR, that’s why people are fleeing out of NYC, full of sxxt.

  3. No one calls CA, “Cali”. He doesn’t like CA, yet he’s wearing a SF Giants’ cap. Bet he’d been drinking.

  4. CALI ? This individual represents my impression of anyone who thinks a five-syllable word is too difficult to manage.

  5. Install an ejector seat in the back that also flushes out the waste. Too many people, too little time.

  6. It’s just incredible. Can anyone pinpoint for me when approximately the flying public beginning to behave badly on airplanes. I’ve been flying since the 70’s and there was never anything like we see today. I am trying to think back when this started. Perhaps Gary knows. I know it is pre-pandemic. Remember the lady with the expensive birthday cake she was told she could not take and she offered to put it under the seat in front of her and the situation descended into chaos. Did this start after the World Trade Center attack and the increased restrictions on air travel?

  7. People only understand pain. The passenger should’ve ganged up and beaten the holy hell out of them

  8. I saw some pretty bad behavior in the 90’s. Thing is, (1) there were no phones to take pictures and videos, and (2), pre-9/11, the crew would often do very little. I remember a TWA TATL flight where a guy, pretty clearly on drugs, was threatening to kill everybody, and the crew just reseated a few people from around him. And when he got off the plane in LHR, he was not arrested. At least these days, there are consequences for this type of thing.

  9. Hope they were still at the gate and he GOT TO LEAVE ASAP. He would be a lot of fun at 35,000 feet

  10. I don’t know what the guy had against salsa dancing and Colombian food, but if others had reassured him that the flight was, in fact, not bound for Valle del Cauca then perhaps he would have calmed down.

  11. All the other passengers need to ask for a refund unless this man is put on the ‘no fly’ list.
    Airlines need to quickly summon law enforcement when they are on the ground and hit these morons with sufficient financial penalties to make it hurt.

  12. Just when you think civilization is maturing, we have this guy board a flight and @P getting access to mommy’s keyboard.

  13. Calì Columbia? Or Calì for California? Anyway that’s why everyone hates NYC and EWR people … Enjoy . As if UA wouldn’t suck enough now we get those social misfit people

  14. A lot of these flyers that act crazy, irrational and hyper-emotional are mentally ill. This guy looks manic, not drunk- no stumbling or slurred speech. Or maybe meth. Another thing that exacerbates any of the above is too little oxygen at the cabin altitude of 8,000 feet. As a young man I once drank 2-3 shots of tequila at 7-8,000 feet in Colorado. Instead of the pleasant effect I expected, it gave me an anxiety attack (which I never get). Awful. So when people get on airliners drunk, or drink too much at altitude it worsens whatever their original problem might be. I vote for no alcohol, or perhaps only one drink, to be served on aircraft. If they look drunk at the gate, let them sober up and catch the next flight. Warn everyone several times by text or email that they are not gonna fly if intoxicated so they can’t say they didn’t know. What to do about mental health issues? Wish I knew..

  15. “I will find your name, date of birth, and address,” the man says. “I will know your social security number before I get off this plane. On my daughter.”

    HOW!? This dumb waste of a human watches too many movies. Cause if he can, he knows someone in either a Social Security Office or maybe a Police Station. Either way, they’ll be thrown in jail. This isn’t the movies… And all that Gangsta talk, with no action is laughable! I hope he was high. Cause that was embarrassing.

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