Up To 125% Bonus Buying Air Canada Miles (1.13 Cents Apiece – Amazing)

Air Canada Aeroplan is offering a ‘mystery bonus’ on purchased points from November 13 through 29, 2023. And it can be seriously worth it. Check out your offer because it can be up to 125%.

  • You can buy or gift up to 500,000 miles plus your bonus (the annual purchase limit per account is 1 million miles).

  • When you buy with a U.S. credit card with U.S. billing address, there’s no tax.

  • A 125% bonus amounts to just over 1.1 U.S. cents per point.

I purchased miles in May when they were offering a 110% bonus, or the chance to buy their points at 1.24 cents apiece. I’d consider doing so at that price point or better. A 125% bonus is a no brainer in my view, where the only question is how big to go. Max out? That’s over $12,000 for 1.125 million miles.

When considering what credit card to use if you take advantage of this offer, Aeroplan points purchases are processed by points.com, which means they do not code on credit cards as travel or airfare.

What bonus offer did you get?

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  1. I got 100% bonus which is what most people seem to have received. I’d max out if I got 120 or 125%.

  2. @ Gary — Buy points for what? Awards they don’t have? Can you please write an article on LIfeMiles effectively no longer offering any useful award flights, while continuing to sell miles? Those buying miles are flat out being stolen from at this point. Throw in the Durbin Amendment and we are all screwed.

  3. Beware many partners no longer show on aeroplan. Availability is worse than lifemiles and good luck trying to reach an agent when anything goes wrong.

  4. I purchased 2K miles a few months ago when they were promising an extra 10% bonus on the next two promos. I see 110% total bonus but where is my extra 10%? Baked into that? I guess since it’s a variable/targeted bonus there’s no way to tell

  5. I checked, getting an offer of US$ 0.01268933 for 100k+100k bonus miles.

    Not the same as 1.1 cpm

  6. For those not able to fly when awards are available the points are rapidly becoming useless. And that’s true across virtually all programs

  7. Sinking ship.
    All partners are gone, noone picks up the phone.
    Unless you have immediate confirmed use for these points, youre throwing your money away

  8. Lots of drama in the comments above. As usual, each is based upon reality, then exaggerated out of the reality zone. Yes, partner availability is bad and we don’t know how “fixed” it will be in future. For example Etihad Business class from Toronto is completely unavailable on all dates, while it’s available on American’s website. Yes, flights to Asia from North America are nearly 98% hopeless. Using third-party tools can sometimes help find a needle in that haystack. But I live at an Air Canada hub and thanks to Chase’s $95 Aeroplan Card, I have 25k status on AC. There’s lots of attractively priced Business Class rdemptions from AC’s biggest hub to dozens of US airports, Eurpopean airports, Mexico and beyond. So all the absolutist comments above, claiming zero value in this deal, are nonsense. I got 120% bonus on 100,000 purchased today, for USD$3,500.00. A quarter million Aeros for $3.5k is a good deal and will go to good use.

  9. Please don’t buy Aeroplan miles, or any other airline’s, with your hard earned cash unless you’ve already found a redemption opportunity. Speculative purchases based on blogs’ (especially OMAAT) accounts of getting amazing values have netted me negative value over time. This is not a profitable game for folks whose schedules are not very flexible.

  10. Data Point…I got 100% and they got nothing on this one from me. I “like” Aeroplan but I don’t love it enough to spend $17k on a million miles that have a variable rate.

  11. Data point. 125% for me. I might pull the trigger on a few miles. Sitting on 1.2M Amex pts so not an imperative purchase.

  12. Buying miles is giving your money to an airline and hoping you will be able to benefit from it before they devalue the rewards to a point that you cannot win. I personally only bought miles to have enough to get a free ticket right then.

  13. I got 110 – not to bad, but 125 is much better. Can’t complain – I recently booked JFK to GVA non-stop for next summer on Swiss air for 70K business and also 40K for economy via Aeroplan. Not the smoothest web site – but it did work.

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