Update on Buying Stocks with a Credit Card, a HILARIOUS (true) Take on United, and Taxis Creating Demand for Uber

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  1. Why the obsession with Uber? What’s wrong with Lyft or even Sidecar? No affiliate links?

  2. I love how so many cabbies in different cities strike because of services like uber, which then forces normal cab riders to use uber instead.

  3. @ABC no affiliate links in this post (what’s the obsession you’ve got with such links?), I don’t personally connect with Lyft riding in the passenger seat and doing the fist bump and all.

  4. I’ve had some seriously sketch DC cabs and given the option between an Uber and a DC taxi, Uber wins hands down. honestly this wouldn’t be an issue if DC Taxis were clean, well maintained, and had better drivers.

  5. Taxis in DC continue to dig their own grave. Really stupid of them to take it out on the customers. That’s why they are losing to Uber, because Uber treat their customers like gold and offer a superior customer experience. DC Taxis truly deserve their upcoming downfall for continuing their anti-customer behavior. Glad to see them gone when that day happens.

  6. That buying 50 worth of stock every days sounds like a tax nightmare of short term gains and losses.

  7. They should protest refrigerators to save the ice deliver guys! It was a nice monopoly, time to move on.

  8. That purchasing 50 worth of inventory every days appears to be like a tax headache of temporary benefits and failures.

  9. I don’t miss DC cabs one bit. When I first moved down there, they were still on the zone system, and cabbies loved to abuse that. Or worse yet, if you needed to go back to VA, you had better negotiate your fare in advance. Or the countless drivers that didn’t want to go where you needed to, and would just drive away before you could get in.

    Mind you, if you’re using Uber Black, many of the same cab companies are operating car services as well – Red Top comes to mind. So you’re not exactly changing the world there. But if you’re using UberX and trust the guy picking you up, more power to you – I’d rather pay some rando than a cabbie in DC.

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