The US Airways Twitter Team Gives Us the Greatest Gift We Could Ask For

Someone on the US Airways twitter team committed career suicide today by posting a pornographic image of a woman playing with a Boeing aircraft in a manner not intended by the manufacturer.

US Airways offers the following explanation,

Our investigation has determined that the image was initially posted to our Twitter feed by another user. We captured the tweet to flag it as inappropriate. Unfortunately the image was inadvertently included in a response to a customer. We immediately realized the error and removed our tweet.

This seems plausible, at least if by “initally posted to our Twitter feed by another user,” US Airways means that “our twitter team was surfing for airplane porn and cut and paste from the wrong broswer window when replying to a tweet.”

If you want to actually see the highly inappropriate picture, click here.

  • You will still be a step away from it, you’ll have to click again to a buzzfeed post.
  • Buzzfeed obscured the image, so you have to click on the image itself. But you’ll see it.

And I’ll have merely pointed you in the right direction, while remaining very much a ‘safe for work’ website thank you very much.

The best part of it all though isn’t that it happened (stuff does happen, and on the whole the US Airways twitter team has been much improved of late). It’s the fun we all get to have at their expense. Like the following responses from twitter:

The US Airways twitter team gives us the gift of puns and captions. And that’s really all we can ever ask for (at least since our 90,000 mile business class awards to Hong Kong are gone).

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  1. So great to see this announcement of new US service to Juhu Aerodrome outside Mumbai.

  2. Proud to say I flew USAirways today. Some wind coming down into DCA, but stuck the landing.

  3. Actually, in fairness to them the image was originally posted on their feed by another user, with a very funny caption actually… Check out the original tweet

  4. Their reason actually does seem correct. I saw a post showing that someone tweeted American Airlines with that picture earlier in the day, so it does (to some small extend) seem plausible that they were trying to send it on somewhere for reporting.

  5. Now there you go again Gary putting your nose in places where it’s not supposed to be………I guess this is considered a stopover that is no longer allowed correct……..but it did seem to be a gateway………….

  6. Completely unprofessional and inappropriate. They can make it up to us by implementing ONE WAY AWARD REDEMPTION. C’mon USAir get with program!!!!

  7. This proves in the value of having a “black box” on every flight to see and hear the reaction in the “cockpit”…….but I am wondering if the pilot was indeed not on the outside of the fuselage with his spurs riding aka Slim Pickens in Dr Strangelove? Finally I think the “young actress” should be empaneled at the next Frequent Traveler University as I am betting she knows where the Vanilla Reload cards are hidden!

  8. @Steve, your comment is very tasteless and insensitive. The MH370 tragedy is nothing to joke at.

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