Victory: Hyatt Regency Aruba Now Lets Members Book Rooms on Points

Last week I wrote about the games Hyatt Regency Aruba was playing to avoid offering award nights.

They made it nearly impossible to spend Hyatt points, assigning only 22 out of their 357 rooms as potentially eligible for redemption.

When questioned, Hyatt told me the property was not in violation of the chain’s terms in doing this but they would try to work with Aruba management to loosen things up. Hyatt actually owns this hotel but like the Andaz Maui that hasn’t seemed to help members.

Hyatt Regency Aruba, credit: Hyatt

Fortunately there does appear to have been some persuasion applied with the property as Hyatt Regency Aruba now makes rooms available to World of Hyatt members on points.

Whereas a week ago there were generally no award nights available during low season when this category 6 property was pricing in the $200s, you can now use points when it’s far more expensive.

That’s because they’ve assigned both the base 22 rooms designated “QUEN” (2 queen beds no view) as well as the “1VWK” (1 king garden view) as eligible for redemption. (King Garden View had previously been eligible for redemption at this hotel.)

I still maintain that a standard room which is what we’re supposed to be able to use points for isn’t the “lowest room type a hotel can concoct” but rather than typical room on the property. And the hotel alleges that all of its standard rooms have stunning views.

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  1. I’ll take a small victory. I also complained when i was visiting last week at the hotel and via tripadvisor… But, I was able to book for March this week. Pretty much June to March 2018.. there are no rooms for points. So they added the King gardenview room for points then pulled it from their inventory moving forward after April. 2 queen gardnview rooms show up everyday but not bookable. Still playing major games.

  2. Hyatt owned properties are the worst when it comes to gaming award availability and otherwise skimping on published elite benefits. Tells you something about corporate management’s respect for the program.

  3. Andaz Maui is a disgrace too
    Gaming the entire WOH program and Globalist benefits
    I will cut Hyatt spending as a result and move back to SPG
    Been going on for years

  4. I just check March 2018. King Garden View available on paid but not on award stay. I have been a long time Hyatt member but able to book award stay only once.

  5. I have been to the Hyatt Aruba at least 12 times and have used points for some or all of my nights nearly every single time….until now.  I have talked to the hotel, the WOH people, even the former GM of the Hyatt Aruba and all tell me that its sold out.  Here is what I have determined.  They only list the award nights within 6 days of the day you search.  I typically go in early November.  It is the slowest time of year in Aruba.  They rooms are under $300, yet, it says. “Unfortunately, this hotel is not accepting World of Hyatt points or award during those dates. Explore our other rates or modify your search.”  Does not matter if I search for single Monday or 10 days.  In fact there are not ANY room available via points past April 4th…..6 days from today.  Which is just under the 7 day cancellation policy.  I checked randomly in every month and could not find a single one.  It is absolute garbage.  I guess, I have to start moving my points to the Ritz or Marriot.  Sucks because I love the hotel.  The funny thing is that my wife and tend to gamble FAR more than our hotel costs in the Casino.  Very Shortsighted.

  6. I have also used points for the past ten years for regency club and when I booked my trip for next year it says the same thing. Not accepting points. I have gone as far as April of 2019and it still says the same thing. I have spoken to world of Hyatt and she spoke with management and they say they are not accepting during my dates. But what about the rest of the year. I’ve yet to find one day available to use points. I have
    Put random dates in calendar and it just comes up not accepting points during those dates. Very strange and if this is the case we will not be going back to Aruba, even though we love it there. I use my Hyatt credit card for everything. I guess they don’t care about losing customers

  7. I head to the Hyatt Aruba 3 times a year.. Have always stayed on points never a problem. Even peak winter season. Now you can’t use points anytime. My only hope is that after the renovations are done they put back points. We will see.

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