Video: Fight Erupts Mid-Cabin As Loud Talker Wouldn’t Keep His Mask On

A brawl broke out on Delta flight 1136 from LAX to Memphis as a man – whom an eyewitness said “appeared to be drinking” upset other passengers by being loud and “not keeping his mask on.”

This prompted another passenger to get snarky with the man, and this escalated into a fight. Which escalated into a bigger fight. And soon several people were involved ostensibly to break up the fight by fighting themselves. The situation calmed about 20 seconds later.

According to Delta,

Delta is investigating this incident. Safety is always our No. 1 priority and while unruly passenger incidents are rare, there is no place for them on our aircraft or in our airports.

Police did not meet the flight, which wasn’t delayed by the incident, and the men who originally involved themselves in the melee reportedly avoided each other at baggage claim. That’s the Christmas spirit!

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  1. There’s truly no one more useless than a bystander shrieking at everyone to stop in these types of videos. Reminds me of the girl from the McDonald’s fight video.

  2. Is there any hope for the world? Seriously? People are now little more than wild animals when they travel. WHEN are ‘they’ going to get it about wearing masks on planes? Oh that’s right, they do get it, they just don’t care what happens to the Americans who attempt to have a nice trip.

  3. Hope for the world ??A bit of overreaction …these small fights are nothing new ..they just are reported now that everyone had a cell phone to record and social media to post

  4. huey judy should be added to a no fly list. his language suggests he’s a very violent person. he’s also a disgusting animal.

  5. How were the police not called to meet this flight? Delta needs to get to the bottom of that and take action. Otherwise the message here is no consequences.

  6. Steven W has the first hateful deranged comment!
    No prize for you!

    Huey Judy seems quite sensible…..

  7. Everyone should have minded their own business and let the flight crew handle the situation. All the man did was escalate the situation. And Paez before your holier than thou attitude chips in with your “hateful and deranged comment”, what he said is the truth. Steven W. has a right to his opinion. Mind your own business on any flight.

  8. C E B: Of course he has a right to express his hateful and deranged opinion. I never said that! I will fight to the death to protect first amendment and second amendment rights for all!

    You might try a reading comprehension class.
    It might help.

    I love these comments, it’s helping me develop a thick skin (though grammer and spelling, not so much).

    P.S. I am far from holier than thou.
    If you read my comment from yesterday(?), the day before(?), you would learn how conflicted I have become in my faith during these troubled times. I have lost all my patience with covidiots, magamonsters and generally people who won’t do the right thing to protect themselves, others and mainly, my children who are too young to get the life saving vaccine.
    That is a bridge too far. Yes, very young children have died. Several in my immediate family who are on the front lines in Healthcare have seen them die (I like and respect the work of Gary Leff but his contention that children under five are “low risk” rankles. One dead child is too many, especially if it is mine. My hero healthcare relations also tell me they
    just can’t take seeing another patient say “wish I had taken the shot” before they die (yes, even atheists ⚛
    get religion when the bombs start falling close by) because it was so preventable. So am I more than irritated by some of the comments above? Yes, and I have listed my reasons. I wish you a Merry Christmas and happiness and I really
    mean that. Will you reply with another snarky comment? Probably, but have at it, it is your right, a right I respect, though probably not the comment itself.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. @Jorge Paez: I like this side of you VS the little two word comments you normally post. Strong comment!

    That said, @Elf: calling BS on your “this is nothing new”. America is turning into a cesspool. People can’t figure out how to act. The streets are full of crime and now the airports are as dangerous as the streets. Just face it, there is a serious problem in the US and something needs to be done. This shit is over the top.

  10. I hate the idea but I think we’ve reached the point where we need to breathalyze people at the gate before they board. It would stop 99% of this sort of thing.

  11. 100% of blame goes to Biden on all of this. Why? He has the power to arrest this disruptive and violent behavior. It can be done by federal agency directive or executive fiat:
    – mandatory jail time/ no bail
    – a fine of $10,000 and if it isn’t paid it will be garnished from tax refunds, social security payment, food stamps, or any other federal payment.
    – lifetime ban from USA commercial flights
    – lifetime ban on entering a USA airport
    – no alcohol on airplanes
    The numbnuts on here can blame Florida people, Trump, right wingers, aliens from Pluto, ad infinitum. But Biden is the president now. And this stuff has accelerated greatly on his watch. He owns this.

  12. Jorge, I hope you never again put your defenseless little children into your automobile ever again, The risk is far too great. Ask your relatives.

  13. @Catherine. He does have the right to expect that people in the cars around him though are not drunk or driving aggressively and putting them in danger. Your comparison is typical of a weak minded person.

  14. Elf, I have been on many flights since about 1955 and never have had an experience that wold be even the least disruptive. The need for fortification by these people is disgraceful to say the least.

  15. DFW These things that you, in your uninformed mind, would need to be made laws and Biden or nor any president has the authority to do this. You need to talk to your representative in the Congress of the United States and get them to amend the laws.

  16. @Alice there are things called Executive Orders that Biden has been willing to use before. Furthermore this administration has been favorable to allowing agency to modify behavior and policy. Just look at the FAA, FCC, EPA etc etc. That’s the government lesson for today. Hope you took good notes.

  17. Simple solution. Arrest, prosecution, jail, ban from flying. Until the airlines/law enforcement/judicial system whatever develops a backbone these idiots will keep behaving this way. Throw a couple of them in jail for a year and see how fast people knock this crap off. Make an example of some of these people then maybe the idiots will get the message. The woman who assaulted the flight attendant and knocked out some of her teeth really should be given a couple of years in prison. If a man did that same thing he would get years so its a shame they think it will only be months and then house arrest.

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