“Sit Down Karen, You’re Going To Jail” Passenger Taken Into Custody After Delta Flight From Florida

On a Tampa to Atlanta flight on Thursday a Delta Air Lines passenger was “acting belligerent with an older flight attendant” according to a passenger on board. That’s when another passenger “intervened and things escalated really quickly.”

The incident with the flight attendant had been calming down, it seems, but the man’s intervention created a whole new drama between the two passengers. That’s when “the two of them started going at it and …the woman started screaming and then she yelled in the grinch [redacted] and got in the guy’s face.”

Her screaming about his mask really wasn’t the issue she was just yelling.. she spit in his face then the crew. Tried to push her back with the cart.

…She punched him a few times and he was actually bleeding. Pretty sure she was highly intoxicated.

The most classic line in this video, whose language is ‘not safe for work’ (or for work from home, if children are around!) is “Sit down Karen, you’re going to jail!”

Ultimately “at least half a dozen [police]” met the aircraft on arrival, the bystander reported.

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  1. Kdogger I am an adult Gen X woman and if you think I am going to let some third world man try to tell me what to do, think again. Try treating your countrywomen with equality.

  2. Mark Johnson and so you prove the point–there is no one special name for a man that is drunk, belligerent and intent on causing a scene. But Karen is so filled with misogyny that is used to put down/shut up any white woman for anything. You had better believe I would confront Gary for his use of hate speech, based on race and gender only. He is Jewish and should know a lot better based on the hate speech that group has endured.

  3. Karen Slayer– Lindy is not wrong. Look up how women have historically been treated. In case you didn’t know, black men got the right to vote before white women. Women have been little more than property, going from her father to her husband. Women could not own their own property without the consent of their husbands. Women were subject to heavy job discrimination and were not permitted to hold all jobs, IN MY LIFETIME. Women are subject to domestic abuse, sexual assault, rape and murder, for being women. So yes, Karen is just as much of a hate speech term as any other that singles our race or gender. You are aligning yourself with the patriarchy to say otherwise. This is the latest in a long line of attack against white women.

  4. @James–racism and bigotry?? What was this woman acting out on this plane doing that was racist and bigoted? But she was called a K****. You are part of the patriarchy using hate speech based on race and gender and may be too dim to admit it. White women are called K**** by misogynists trying to silence them for any and no reason. This does not call out anyone. It is the latest round of blanket misogyny.

  5. @BPM–for the intellectually challenged, I am not siding with the female passenger. Of course she is wrong to do what she did. I am siding against misogyny and hate speech based on race and gender. Complain all you want to about this woman without using hate speech,

  6. Wow….this one is bringing ng out the worthless professional victim girls out of the woodwork!

  7. Nothing like a hypocrite who would apologize to the world for thinking poorly of a minority, Will boundlessly use sexual and racial references, in the juvenile belief that not ALL people are protected from such generalizations.

  8. Karen is a beautiful name given to a child through generations as it has meaning to it or it was a beloved relatives name. When you label people of certain actions “Karen” you diminish that value and are the change you want to see. Use your words properly. This is not appropriate.

  9. Quote Claire above: “…in case you didn’t know, black men got the right to vote before white women…”

    Claire Louise Karen…if you don’t log off and go somewhere and sit down with your copy of “The 1619 Project” imma gonna take away your internets. THIS MESS HERE is why CRITICAL RACE THEORY should be mandatory and taught BEFORE COLLEGE (yes…it’s not taught in high school contrary to faux news reporting).

    For that to come out your Karen mouth is the most disconnected Karen thing you’ve said….well in the 10 minutes it took you to post that Karen mess. I guess in the Karen chronicles that you Karen types read regularly, they conveniently skipped the fact that whatever rights a Black person had they had to pass a WHOLE ADDITIONAL law just to force America to comply with their “unalienable rights”… and casting a vote without fear of DEATH was one of those protections smh.

    The irony of you railing against the use of the word Karen when you’re out here literally being the poster child.

    Karen is the name given to any woman (and Ken is given to any man) who just was never taught to not throw their position and/or privilege around on other people out here just existing in their own little miserable space.

    Get it together.

  10. Agree 100%. This coupled with flight attendants purposely closing every window shade on the plane, anytime of day is being done to “control” and “negate” the existence of passengers on the plane. They do not want to provide any service, just plain lazy. “If I don’t see them or hear them they do not exist”. It’s a very unnatural , humiliating experience and people are acting out, big surprise.

  11. Florida, not surprised, the right wing terrorists filled the state with classless people and criminals. I had a transfer once in Miami and it is ghetto and trashy and those had nothing to do with economic status

  12. Florida, not surprised, the right wing terrorists filled the state with classless people and criminals. I had a transfer once in Miami and it is ghetto and trashy and those had nothing to do with economic status

  13. PeacefulAntimask: You are wrong, but not about the masks. They are pointless unless everyone wears a proper medical mask, the doctors all say so when nobody is watching. The masks are just a placebo to give dumb keep stupid people from panicking. Paper and cloth do nothing to prevent the spread of a respiratory virus. As for the incidents, they have been going on for ages….they are just only now getting media attention as journalists (And wanna be journalists like Gary here) have given up on their ethics and just started reporting whatever sells to the crowds of complete idiots that make up society these days.

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