“Sit Down Karen, You’re Going To Jail” Passenger Taken Into Custody After Delta Flight From Florida

On a Tampa to Atlanta flight on Thursday a Delta Air Lines passenger was “acting belligerent with an older flight attendant” according to a passenger on board. That’s when another passenger “intervened and things escalated really quickly.”

The incident with the flight attendant had been calming down, it seems, but the man’s intervention created a whole new drama between the two passengers. That’s when “the two of them started going at it and …the woman started screaming and then she yelled in the grinch [redacted] and got in the guy’s face.”

Her screaming about his mask really wasn’t the issue she was just yelling.. she spit in his face then the crew. Tried to push her back with the cart.

…She punched him a few times and he was actually bleeding. Pretty sure she was highly intoxicated.

The most classic line in this video, whose language is ‘not safe for work’ (or for work from home, if children are around!) is “Sit down Karen, you’re going to jail!”

Ultimately “at least half a dozen [police]” met the aircraft on arrival, the bystander reported.

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  1. So embarrassing. Is this the legacy we want to leave for our children to remember or how we want the world to view Americans?

  2. You really should take up the pen name Jerry Springer there Gary, you so love covering this human trash.

  3. lol the dude was tryna eat.. even had a water in his hand, whats he supposed to do get his mask wet and waterboard himself?

  4. The flight attendant had the situation under control until the other Karen (Male) had to add in his two cents which escalated the situation. Here is a hot tip for everyone on a plane, put your phones away and mind your own business. All of you who whip out your phones remind me of a three-year-old. with a new toy.

  5. with people like this you just have to put them on a never fly again list.They are a danger to everyone on the plane.
    Never allow them to fly on another or any other airline ever .Problem solved Drive or take a bus

  6. Davis S, these same people would be scared to death to try it on a bus. Some passenger would take care of the issue and the Karen wannabe would be well aware of that. The never fly list would be effective until the militant FA’s start exercising their new found power and kick people off for not saying thank you.

  7. Shane, I believe everyone knows that this person was either from Florida, or had gone to Florida because that is where their behavior is best taught and tolerated.

  8. With a bus or a train they can stop and heave off the trash, met by Johnny L if needed. It is a little more complicated on a plane.

  9. @CommonSense, you likened Gary to Jerry Springer. I’ve compared these type articles to Geraldo Rivera, do we win a prize? 🙂

    I think Gary has two personas. One is deeply analytical and insightful, who gleans undiscovered information from airline financial statements and executive speeches. The other seems born of the kid who yells “Food fight!” in the school cafeteria at lunch time and then moves to the side to take pictures.

    The funny thing is (I would bet) that these Springer/Geraldo type posts garner more responses than his analytical articles. We hoomans seem to enjoy the mud pits more than good research articles, which is also why college sports teams and their coaches draw far more attention and donor money than the most distinguished professors (at same/said university).

  10. The whole”Karen” references are old and quite childish. No need to single out in such a way. You know nothing about her and the reference is as bigoted as they come. Even if it was said, you Gary, did not need to use that as the caption to the story.

  11. Never hit a woman? That rule is so over with. A woman that hits or spits (particularly dangerous during a pandemic) deserves to digest her teeth. I’d be happy to oblige.

  12. FYI- a Karen is a white privileged female who grew up entitled and focused on self esteem not self discipline. Any questions?

  13. Maybe the airlines need to use a breathalyzer when boarding planes. And perhaps a new rule, no liqueur served in the airport or on planes. Surely the people can do without that booster to fly.

  14. If she had been a HE they would have body slammer her but because she’s a woman she gets treated with kid gloves. Women in the west have it better than they deserve.

  15. I like the use of the beverage cart as a steamroller/barrier. I wonder if there has been training on using this or if was just an on the fly decision. I have to imagine there is increased training on how to deal with out of control passengers. Any FA’s want to comment?

  16. So sick.of the misogyny with calling women Karen. It is used to upset, snd silence women and we are sick.of the patriarchy using it. That man should have minded his own business. Shane on you Gary for perpetuating use of this term. We can all think of a name.for every ethnic and racial group–imagine if we used them. But it is always fine to call women whatever you like with impunity.

  17. Upper Crust: I totally agree. At the same time, I can’t imagine even a Karen striking a 85 year old AA flight attendant.

  18. Glad this absolute “Karen” is spending the holidays in jail. Why are the mask nazis so entitled? This is what our fear-mongering media, and control-loving Democrats have created: crime in the streets, and privileged drunks screeching in the sky…

  19. @Claire
    stop crying snowflake. you’re a perfect example of why women in the west are way too entitled and coddled.

  20. Interesting how you seem to side with the psychotic female spitting on passengers. Just sit quietly with your head between your legs, it will be ok.

  21. In many instances flight attendants are the ones who instigate and escalate situations and are the ones who should be dragged off the aircraft.

    Too often people have blood lust and want people punished when the easiest and best solution is just to move on. No one was hurt and we should be thankful for that. Biden and his globalist allies have made people in 2021 on edge. It’s hard to blame people for being disturbed with all this Covid restriction craziness.

  22. That tall “man” at the end should be arrested for grabbing her arms. He had no right to lay hands on her. I would have knocked him out if I saw him do that.

  23. Claire, please tell us how you describe a disruptive male who is drunk, belligerent and intent on making a scene. our language uses shortcuts. I can think of many other words that people use to describe women and Karen seems to be the most innocuous without being obscene. I can almost see you now, facing Gary in a hallway complaining about his promotion of the work Karen while other people write about the Karen that confronted someone because they didn’t like the phrases that our constitution guarantees us the right to say.

  24. @Claire
    I guess you and all the other Karens are tired of getting called out for your racism and bigotry. You should have been silenced a long time ago. Sadly we are just getting to it now.

  25. Lmfao republicans are so dumb they can watch this whole video and think it’s a Biden supporter. She was being a bitch bc someone told her to wear a mask so she took it out on this old guy bc he wasn’t wearing one bc he was eating/drinking. I can’t believe I have to share a country with so many dumb incels. Here’s a tip get your ged and then get a real degree. South Alabama state doesn’t count

  26. How dare you not put some ***’s over the term Karen in your story. As it was used in the headline it a racist and sexist term to describe a female (if I can still use that term) being categorized from the Caucasian race who loses their mind in a public setting. You can do better Gary.

  27. Don’t really see this as travel news. Just Jerry Springer type garbage. As far as I am concerned they should both be banned from flying and they both should be arrested. Simple solution. People aren’t going to get the hint about not acting up on planes until we start putting these idiots in jail and banning them from all flight. At some point enough is enough with these morons.

  28. The K-word is as derogatory as the N-word. But also, this lady should be embarrassed at how she behaved, as well as repeatedly slinging the F-word. And the man should be embarrassed for calling her the B-word. Basically, a collection of bad people. I do hope she does jail-time. I would definitely press charges against her for spitting in my face.

  29. Comparing the term Karen to the N-Word is the stupidest sh*t I have ever heard in my life. When have you ever heard of someone being called a ‘Karen’ and then a flaming cross pops up on their front yard or they are hung up from a tree? The racist privilege in the audacity alone says everything we need to know.

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