Video From Inside American Eagle AA4125 As It Skids Off the Runway at O’Hare

Weather at Chicago O’Hare is a mess today, with hundreds of flights cancelled. One flight that was supposed to make it in on time was American Eagle flight AA4125 from Greensboro, North Carolina. The Embraer ERJ-145 had pushed back six minutes early.

Thirty eight passengers and 3 crew were on board. The plane touched down on O’Hare’s runway 10L at 7:40 a.m. local time, which would have put it into its gate about 10 minutes late. However the regional jet skidded left off the runway. Once it came to a stop the aircraft was evacuated, and the runway closed. No one was injured.

Here’s video taken from inside the cabin:

After the plane comes to a stop, one passenger can be heard saying “I think we landed.”

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  1. Glad no one was injured.

    In an event like this, how long are you delayed?

    For example, are they required to talk to all of the passengers to see if anyone is injured? Or for their observations of the incident?

    Does it take a long time to get any bags that were checked? Or to get any carry on bags off the aircraft?

    Thankfully I’ve never had any kind of incidents (other than aborted landings in small aircraft that were diverted to other airports due to snow) and was just wondering how the process works.

  2. Rich, that is a good question and hopefully we can track it. I assume the website that normally shows time for hitting the runway, taxi, and at the gate will reflect the delays. But remember, the airline wants the plane empty as quickly as possible, so I suspect the delay won’t be significant. (except for the people that were going to get onto that plane for the next flight)

  3. Meh. He turned off the runway too soon. If he deployed the wing spoilers when he landed it could have slowed him down another 5 MPH. Oh well.

  4. Hats off to the brave pilot who assumed he was going to be able to control the aircraft on the landing. I’m sure he/she must have had quite a few hours of flying. Happily he/she was probably out of fuel and very little danger of fire small exposure. Glad everyone was out safely.

  5. Snow Jokes needed.

    The pilot must have been from Florida and never drove in snow before.

    Pilot forgot to put the chains on the tires.

    Air traffic control thought it was just a flake day

    They were looking for Jimmy Hoffa’s money in the snow bank.

    One of the passengers wanted the market snow as a New Improved Water.

    how do you spell water in 3 letters? I C E

    ICE agents were passengers on the plane and wanted to how it felt to be roughed up by ice.

  6. Sad to see the usual twitter pilots were at it as usual yesterday when this happened. Simply slid and pirouetted off the icy runway. Wasn’t going for a taxiway – would have been at their discretion – the tower wouldn’t have told them to leave at a particular exit especially in those conditions. They obviously felt the plane was sliding. I’m only familiar with the 737 and triple, not ERJs, but when it’s sliding and they feel the rudder and braking isn’t helping, there’s really not much to do other than turn off the engines which they did here. Nose gear tiller which doesn’t work until below +/- 40kts wouldn’t have achieved anything. Likely tried full left rudder and manual left brakes to get out of the skid but wasn’t working, so turned off the engines, cut fuel flow, and let it go which is really all they could do when they felt they were out of runway and not getting out of the skid. Everyone walked away which is what’s important. Planes can be fixed.

  7. Thank the piolets and most importantly thank “God”. Very scart when on plane and this happens. I say a prayer always when landing and thank God…
    A 68 year old lady. Just my opinion

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