Vietnamese Airline Prepares To Launch Flights To U.S., Partnership With U.S. Airline

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  1. @Radio, not sure where you saw someone say this was a crime. On the other hand, I really don’t think a church in Tulsa is actually Doug Parker’s community. I would venture a guess that this was the first time he has been anywhere near that church. It was a photo op for publicity.

  2. Actually Tulsa has worlds largest aircraft maintenance facility. And it’s run by American Airlines. They also make money on servicing all the airlines. In an essence, American also runs a garage to fix other airlines aircraft. Tulsa is only 35 minutes flight from DFW.

  3. On a day when the first sitting President visited and acknowledged the 100th anniversary of the massacre of a community of Black Americans in Tulsa, I don’t think criticism of any human being trying to take part in the remembrance is warranted.

  4. Pete,

    I totally agree. And maybe some people have looked in a mirror and didn’t like what they saw in themselves or around them and decided to do what’s right, make a change and be a voice for change.

    Doug Parker is a bigger man then most of you faceless blogger ever will be.

  5. @Farnorthtrader,
    I used the term “crime” euphemistically. It’s an expression. The words “… while he (Parker) leaves running the airline to others? A man focused mostly on his legacy?” are apparently meant to be disparaging and critical. Many business leaders give back to their communities in many different ways. To me, those are praiseworthy activities, not something to be vilified.

  6. Trying to take part and make a change or trying to take aadvantage and boost his own image? Photo ops posted on social media are what are termed “humble bragging”. Not sure where this idea thinking politicians/CEO/ big business actually care about other people comes from…their prime mission is to be re-elected or make money, whatever means possible. Pretty sure the high level CEO and politicians didn’t get to where they were by caring about other people. But they sure seem to have a lot of people fooled.

  7. When will Vietnam Airlines be flying to the US? Haven’t they been approved for LAX and/or SFO already? What type of aircraft will Bamboo be flying?

  8. Tulsa got more than enough attention yesterday… probably too much and stirring up old wounds and issues..Just what we need when peeps are still getting agitated in most large liberal cities daily…

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