Vietnam’s ‘Bikini Airline’ 2018 Calendar is Out

VietJet’s CEO became Southeast Asia’s first self-made female billionaire last year.

The airline is a discount carrier flying narrowbody aircraft mostly domestically although with several routes now into Asia. Four years ago the airline was fined 20 million Dong over unapproved inflight entertainment. It wasn’t a problem with the installation of a seatback video system. Instead, 5 bikini-clad candidates in a local beauty contest performed a dance onboard the airline’s inaugural flight to Nha Trang.

Since the 3-minute show had not been approved in advance, it was deemed a violation of aviation and security regulations. And the airline was fine — the equivalent of $959.

Since then they’ve branded themselves the bikini airline. And the airline’s CEO sees the campaigns and onboard stunts as empowering, even feminist given conservative Vietnamese mores. And for the record, unlike Malaysian carrier Malindo Air which required women to remove their tops while interviewing to be flight attendants VietJet respects all women.

VietJet’s new bikini calendar is out. But don’t be fooled, this isn’t about sex or sexism, it’s really about high quality service. Because “the models posed in different cabin crew and staff roles to showcase the airline’s high-quality service and friendly staff.”

Sure. And by posing in front of planes the models are highlighting the airline’s “modern fleet” of Airbus A320s and A321s.

Experienced Pilots Practice in High Tech Flight Simulators

Inflight Food and Beverage are at the Core of VietJet Hospitality

Here They’re Highlighting Lost Luggage

Ground Staff Meet Each Flight Promptly

Okay, I made up those photo captions. Naturally there’s a ‘making of’ video.

The campaign themed “air cabin catwalk” is supposed to increase ticket sales and Vietnamese tourism. More photos are available here.

(HT: World Airline News)

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  1. As a professional photographer, an avid flyer, and a heterosexual male, I am triply impressed!

  2. How would a research-minded, scientifically-inclined individual go about obtaining a copy of this calendar?

  3. >Don’t like this post. Feel very uncomfortable, as a female reader. #metoo

    The post comes with an innovative feature. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.
    The topic was pretty clear from the title, so you were free to ignore it.

  4. @Shannon

    Please don’t compare models posing in bikinis to people getting abused/raped. The two are not the same – using #metoo so liberally is what drags movements that that are important for society through the mud.

  5. Art & Steve, you two are hopeless!
    Ryan, I am comparing with own experience. What is wrong with you?

  6. Does Ryanair still have the FA charity calendar?

    Oh, sorry. There goes my political and movie mogul aspirations.

  7. I don’t see Shannon’s problem. These bikini girls are just bringing attention to the airline. Its their job.
    AKA: advertising.
    If this is a problem, what does she think any bikini girls at a beach are bringing attention to?
    Are men not allowed to notice? Or is she an 80 year old prude?

    BTW: I notice many womens’ magazines have ads with men totally topless. OH, the horror!

  8. Personally, I’d be more impressed by a great safety record, on-time stats comfortable seats, and great amenities (all the stuff this blog often helpfully highlights) – and guys- sorry, but the amenities don’t include a free peep-show, and scantily clad pilots – thankfully! – regardless of what the advertising suggests. It also suggests we are mindless idiots who would purchase seats on the airline because they parade around women in bikinis,high heels and tons of face paint – yes, they look like hookers.
    I think the point Shannon might be raising is that the advertising suggests that Vietnamese women are commodities and easily attainable for male pleasure – which could lead to poor behavior on the part of some men. Steve’s comment: “Going to Vietnam in Jan. Going to do a lot of smashing!” is kind of an indication.

  9. Although the Atlanta based Chick-Fil-A calendar costs $10, each month there is a coupon for some free food. Its not too late for DL to throw a free digital version together using the same photographers and studio. For those not interested in coupons, CFA includes bikini cladded models in the summer months. I don’t know if I should finish this with EatMoreChicken or Mooooo.

  10. The sexism in these comments are awful but unsurprising. None of you have any idea what happened to Shannon, yet are lashing out and attacking her. She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation for what she said.Yet it’s amazing how quickly people attack her back. Good image of what’s wrong with our society today. Nice job everyone.

  11. @Justin,
    Your so right; none of us know if she was forced into clicking the link which brought her to this page; or risk loosing out on a promotion, her job, or even her career… hence #metoo

    Or I guess we should treat troll comments with respect and dignity to make gullible people like yourself happy.

  12. Shannon is a fail troll.
    Want to white knight that, go ahead. No one likes a fail white knight anymore than a white knight. So, keep on spewing useless stuff that no one cares about.

    As for Shannons issue, there’s no issue here related to her.
    Thus, she failed… hardcore.

    And to say we’re attacking her, no, no one is.

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