Virgin Atlantic 747 for Sale on eBay – Less Than the Price of a Condo!

A Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 is available for sale on eBay – no bids yet as of this writing and a starting bid of just $299,000! (The ‘Buy it Now’ price is $900,000.)

Contra the description, the 747-400 wasn’t the first widebody jet.

We are pleased to offer the retired air-frame of Lady Penelope to aviation enthusiasts. Lady Penelope retired after a illustrious career in the skies for the past 25 years as a part of the Virgin Atlantic fleet.

The Boeing 747-400, also knows as the Queen of the skies is the first wide-bodied jet in the World. It has a wingspan of 211.5 ft and an overall length of 232ft. From the ground to the top of the tail is almost 64 feet and a fuselage that is 21 feet wide.

Unfortunately (or fortunately!) the plane’s engines have already been removed. Furthermore, the winner has plenty of options about which pieces of the aircraft they way, as “[i]t is also possible to section out the plane out if you only require the fuselage, cockpit or the wings.”

Build your own very real flight simulator. Or create your own classic airplane dining experience as most of the interior including seats and galley equipment convey with the aircraft.

Shipping is extra.

Henry Harteveldt points out that this is going to go for less than a typical San Francisco condo!

I can’t wait for Delta to claim this represents the plane’s value in the used market.

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  1. This is what I do for a living and the starting price is way too high to pay for this airframe let alone the buy it now price! I guess that’s why there are trying for ebay hoping that some uneducated buyer will think this is a novelty that is worth it. All the avionics have already been removed with no indication if they are available. I bet the APU has been taken off as well. This is basically a shell you are buying which has only value as scrap metal. The gear is probably close to being timed out but hey if someone wants a ridiculously expensive hotel go ahead!

  2. I want it so bad!

    Let me calculate what it’ll cost me to park that……


  3. Come on 5X bucks!!

    Time to stock up on gift cards.

    And, can you imagine the portal bonus.

  4. Lesson from a recent auction, don’t allow bidders with goofy names, unless each can demonstrate the ability to cover the bid amount.

    Isn’t there an airplane boneyard in Nevada?

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