Watch Trump’s Private 757, You’ll Know He’s Ready To Give Up The Presidency

President Trump has been flying Air Force One for the past four years, but still owns a Boeing 757-200 known as ‘Trump Force One’ that he acquied in 2011. The seatbelts, and everything else, are gold plated.

The ever-vigilant Jon Ostrower notes that the aircraft, registration N757AF, has been stored at Newburgh-Stewart airport in New York for over a year, and the aircraft will need maintenance to bring back into service.

When Trump is ready for the plane to become airworthy again in order to fly him as a private citizen, it’s going to head to a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company in Lake Charles, Louisiana. It hasn’t been kept in service, according to an insider Ostrower cites, because the President didn’t see a reason to spend the money when he might not need the aircraft for another four years.

Prior to acquiring this Boeing 757, for 14 years the President flew in a 1968 vintage ex-American Airlines Boeing 727 reconfigured with 24 seats and a bedroom, dining room, and conference rooms.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he signs an executive order giving former presidents the right to buy the current 747-400 Air Force One when it is replaced with a 747-800 in a couple years’ time. Trump likes old planes. Then again, I’m sure he could get a great used 777 right now from Delta.

  2. @ Gary — When he applies for ETOPS, we can finally be sure he is leaving for his exile. That would be a great day for America.

  3. Overhaul costs to be paid for by current campaign contributions. How ironic that $20 donors are digging into their paychecks to pay for someone else’s ostentatious lifestyle.

  4. More unnecessary politics. Saving this off. You’re so behind the curve and a year from now you’re going to be embarrassed this was posted.

  5. He’d never be able to buy one of the outgoing AFO fleet, but watching this tail IS probably interesting as a timing and movement indicator. I don’t think he gets flown on AFO when leaving on 1/20/21, but maybe he would.

  6. UA-NYC made a factual comment, not a hateful one. That $400 million DM note would be problematic for many wealthy individuals with a bad credit history. I’m curious to know who is going to loan Trump the money, and on what terms.

    Interesting to note that the president hadn’t anticipated the possibilty he might need his private aircraft, ie, that he would lose the election.

  7. Don’t forget the clown had more powerful engines installed so he could fly to PBI in 3 hrs.
    He will make a quick getaway in January

  8. It’s probably being repossessed and scraped for non payment of storage fees and some friend is probably fronting him the money to get it out of the country.
    Maybe it is a family flight to North Korea as there are no extradition agreements.

    Lock him up

  9. Trump will find a way for somebody else to pay for the maintenance and flights. Probably use campaign money for the work. Whoever does the work should ask to be paid upfront or they probably will never be paid.

  10. @ Cindy C — And, Donald Trump is like a 74-year old bag of Cheetos. It’s a lot of orange blubber for a low price.

  11. @ Ryan — Hypocrite Trump will probably send it to Mexico for maintenance if it saves him a couple bucks.

  12. @Gene You’re a hateful imbecile aren’t you? Go wait in line for your handouts. You obviously need them 😀

  13. ByeDon! Time to get American BACK on TRACK again! 47 days left of this idiot and counting.

    Unfortunately, tens of thousands more will die during this time. 🙁

  14. @ Mitch — You obviously don’t read my comments on a regular basis. I despise handouts for corporations, but Jesus would feed the hungry and homeless.

  15. @Gene I despise fools such as you. There is less hunger in the world (measurable in fact) than at any previous point in human history. The standard of living is higher (also measurable) than at any point in human history. So go cry somewhere else because you’re making up things that just aren’t true.

    Jesus is fiction just like God is dead and no one cares.

  16. @Gene and @Mitch Every time one American attacks another American it sets off another round of high fives in Moscow. They love it because it proves that America is broken and unable to fix the division and hatred they have worked so hard to promote.

  17. @Alan: “A lot of Hateful comments from the (so called) tolerant left.”

    So true. The Left is only tolerant when you agree with their socialist and radical ideas.

    I find those that haven’t bothered to consider that ownership of Trump’s airplane is held in an LLC, which does not have any liability to Deutsche Bank.

    But don’t let facts get in the way of Trump bashing. It’s the official sport of the Left.

  18. @Alan – as the Right just looooooves to say, “elections have consequences”. And also, “fck your feelings”.

    He has committed no shortage of fraud and will be on trial soon enough. No one is above the law.

  19. @ Mitch — I guess those Americans in food lines are just looking for some free food to stick in their freezer and aren’t actually in need of help. Thanks for clearing that up.

  20. @1KBrad – that’s the same idiotic argument from the Right about “the poor shouldn’t/can’t have smartphones or HD TVs”.

    Cars are cheap these days and financing is easy – having a late-model car doesn’t make you rich. SMH.

  21. @UA-NYC:

    You lack the intellect to have an intelligent discussion without resorting to insults.

    You are not worth the bother.

    “I can afford $1,000 for an HDTV and another $1,000 a month for a car payment, gas, insurance, and maintenance, but I can’t afford food.”

    Get real.

  22. Trump was the biggest embarrassment the USA has ever had. Unfortunately his ego will not let him disappear. He’s already looking at pardons for crimes committed by himself and his family. It will be interesting to see the full scope of his corruption.
    I hope the Republican party finds some honorable members to lead.

  23. 1KBrad
    Don’t know where you buy your possessions but you are getting ripped off. Let’s see, brand new Honda Civic for $250/month + $100 a month which is high for one car. That means you expect to spend $650/month on gas (car under warranty for maintenance). That’s a lot of traveling in a car that probably gets minimum of 25 mpg.
    58″ UHDTV from Costco $400.

    Your argument holds no water as all your facts are wrong. Sorry to bother you with facts

  24. @1KBrad – your “evidence” that there are countless brand new cars in these food bank lines sound as real as the “evidence” Giuliani and his cronies are trying to peddle right now, only repeatedly being shot down & laughed at by the courts. GMAB.

    And really…you think these tens of thousands of cars in the food bank lines are PROUD to be there? That they are gaming the system? That they really don’t have issues given everything that has gone on this year, just have time to kill, so go get some (low grade) free bulk food? Seriously…piss off, you douche.

  25. @Howard Rosenberg:

    The cars I saw in the queues for food handouts were not Honda Civics. I saw a lot of SUVs, including Chevy Tahoes, which cost more than my car.

    You can’t buy a New Honda Civic for $250 a month without a large down payment. Not even close.

    Don’t you think they should be buying food before they are buying TVs?

    I do.

  26. @UA-NYC: “piss off, you douche”

    Your intellect continues to impress me.

    Come back when you grow up and can be an adult.

  27. I’m wondering if The Philippines might offer him sanctuary, reciprocating Reagan’s deal with Marcos. The situations are not dissimilar. One can imagine the whole family being bundled aboard this 757 for a midnight flight to Manila….

  28. @ 1K Brad — Let’s see, that $400 TV will last for about 20 years. Are you suggesting that people buy 20 years worth of food before a TV? I suppose if they did, you would complain about the big house they had to buy to hold all of the food. Get a heart, dude. Yes, people make poor decisions with their money and don’t save enough, but no one PLANS to be hungry and homeless.

  29. @ All — In case any of you were not aware, beginning in 2020 you can donate up to $300 cash (or via credit card, etc.) to charity and deduct your donation even if you do not itemize your deductions. If you can afford it, please consider donating $300 (or more) to help people in need.

  30. @1KBrad – you apparently don’t know cars, what a shocker…you can get quite a good card for zero money down (aside from your standard title, dealer conveyance fee, etc. charges, which are about $2K and can’t be avoided). News flash, auto dealers are desperate.

    Amazing that you can somehow magically spot all the brand new Chevy Tahoes when they show the wide shots of thousands of cars in line. Care to tell us about the millions of votes that were switched from Trump to Biden too?

    And yes, your comment suggesting people in food bank lines are basically gaming the system is one of the douche-iest I have seen on the travel blogs in a long time. Seriously – piss off.

  31. @1K Brand et al.,

    “The Left is only tolerant when you agree with their socialist and radical ideas.”

    You mean socialist and radical ideas like accepting the results of valid elections? Trump can’t even do that win he wins. Remember how he swore to high heaven that Clinton won the popular vote only because of 3 to 5 million illegal votes. Not even Pence’s commission could find a shred of evidence to back up that lie.

    That’s the kind of stuff the Right has tolerated and praised for the last four years.

  32. Love how snowflake right wing clowns like @alan cheer when their Dear Leader actually insults others and spreads hate. But when facts are used against Dear Leader, they get their tightie whi ties in a twist

  33. Wow. What a vitriolic thread.

    Love the part about Russia high-fiving. Yup. I’m starting to think that is the ultimate plan: create such division in this nation so that it will never, ever recover. Russia/ aka Putin is thrilled to see this. China’s really happy about that, also. These 2 countries just sit back and watch us self-destruct. That, I believe, is the problem that Trump has created: division and divisiveness is condoned and encouraged. And that will be our ultimate downfall.

    As a slight aside, I recall a post on this forum about 18 months ago, from a reader who sat in the Emirates MXP lounge and overheard a loud and unfiltered conversation between Rudy Giuliani and ???? and it was clear to the listener that there were some shenanigans going on that, if they were to come to light, would have Mr. Giuliani in deep, deep doo-doo. I’m still curious to know what came–or will come of this interaction, if anything.

    Popcorn is ready to be popped!

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