Watch Trump’s Private 757, You’ll Know He’s Ready To Give Up The Presidency

President Trump has been flying Air Force One for the past four years, but still owns a Boeing 757-200 known as ‘Trump Force One’ that he acquied in 2011. The seatbelts, and everything else, are gold plated.

The ever-vigilant Jon Ostrower notes that the aircraft, registration N757AF, has been stored at Newburgh-Stewart airport in New York for over a year, and the aircraft will need maintenance to bring back into service.

When Trump is ready for the plane to become airworthy again in order to fly him as a private citizen, it’s going to head to a Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) company in Lake Charles, Louisiana. It hasn’t been kept in service, according to an insider Ostrower cites, because the President didn’t see a reason to spend the money when he might not need the aircraft for another four years.

Prior to acquiring this Boeing 757, for 14 years the President flew in a 1968 vintage ex-American Airlines Boeing 727 reconfigured with 24 seats and a bedroom, dining room, and conference rooms.

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