Donald Trump Asks Direct Mail Donors To Pay For His New Plane

Donald Trump no longer has a 747 flying under the Air Force One call sign. He no longer has his Boeing 757 in flying condition either. It has fallen into disrepair needing maintenance and missing parts.

He recently had a well-publicized incident where the plane he was in – not his own – had to make an emergency landing. The Dassault Falcon 900 which was taking him from an event in New Orleans to Palm beach suffered an engine failure. His team used the opportunity to fundraise for a new plane.

The fundraising email said he had “a very important update on his plane” and asked potential donors if they remember how the former president used to travel across the U.S. in his own “Trump Force One” before he became “the greatest President of all time.”

The email included a GIF of a plane taking off with a poll giving donors “yes” or “no” options if they wanted to see his new plane.

The poll links to a donation page that asks supporters to “Contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to send your response to President Trump!”

It’s not as though the plane that had problems was his own, and he presents himself as having such wealth that he could afford a jet without donations from The Poors. (He could also, presumably, afford maintenance on his personal 757, registration N757AF.)

The email asked, “DO YOU WANT TO SEE THE NEW TRUMP FORCE ONE?” And under his byline wrote,

“Do you remember Trump Force One? Before becoming the greatest President of all time, I traveled the Country in my plane, known as Trump Force One. I have a very important update on my plane but I need to trust that you won’t share it with anyone: my team is building a BRAND NEW Trump Force One.

Actual billionaires might vertically integrate meat production and distribution to create branded high-quality steaks. They do not, however, license their name for a low seven figure amount to promote steaks of indeterminate quality. In fairness, Forbes estimates a net worth of $2.1 billion however federal election filings suggested a self-reported (and therefore possibly exaggerated) $1.5 billion net worth in 2015 before things started going south.

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  1. @David : And you just continue to be rude, crude, uncivilized and disrespectful to others.

  2. Lord Trump worshippers are fully on board their narcissist-in-chief’s ways with trying to gaslight the public and disingenuously attribute the behavior of Lord Trump and their own behavior to those who have the sense, honor and dignity to not buy/sell all this nonsense coming from the Lord Trump worshippers attempting to emulate their nasty, gaslighting narcissist-in-chief Trump. It’s the Lord Trump worshippers who are TDS — Trump Deranged Supporters/Syndrome.

  3. I’m still waiting for the Biden leftists to say what they want or what Biden has done that’s so great? Instead, they pivot to Trumps mean tweets. This is the very definition of TDS.

    Somebody please defend high inflation, open borders, soaring crime, foreign disasters, rising energy prices and a loss of energy independence? C’ mon Biden fans!

  4. Rjb above and racists nationwide agree. Trump is great and will win the KLAN vote 100%. People who admire men who grab women by their genitals worship the man. Racists have united on this one. But decent people will decline

  5. David Miller, you and the KLAN agree, Nowadays you folk no longer need to wear hoods like in the old days

  6. Allen – I see, in your world, locker room talk (heard every day, every week, every year for decades all over the world) about women is the basis for your hatred of a man who righted America with the world’s greatest economy, secured the border, lowered taxes, had the highest employment rate in history, got rid of ISIS, rebuilt the military and made America once again the greatest nation in the world. You are an asinine tool of the lying liberal media and the left. You are an ignorant fool. Apparently you prefer America’s current economic crisis with the highest inflation in 40 years, highest gas/oil prices in decades, unsecured border, Afghan fiasco – all brought to you by brain dead Biden and the lying liberal socialist DemocRats and the corrupt media.

  7. @David : Boy, are you Trump brainwashed. You cited every fake FOX news BS talking point AND at the same time you defended crude “locker room talk” [from a POTUS] as “normal” as well as ignore his famous tryst with a porn star while married to Melania. Your lust/love for Trump is pretty blinding. I prefer my Presidents, no matter what their “trumped up accomplishments” might be, to NOT be a notable Con-Man.

  8. Trump didn’t get rid of ISIS. Russia and Syria put the closest thing to a kibosh on ISIS, but in the process the Russians and Syrians committed vast amount of war crimes … which Trump’s buddy Putin is now re-doing in Ukraine.

    America is made great again by Trump and Trump’s worshippers losing. A loss for Trump and Trump lovers is a loss for Putin. Make America great again by standing up for America with Biden against Russia.

  9. Desert Guy – Everything I posted can be found and proven – Google it. I never said the talk was “normal”, I said it has happened for decades and is just locker room talk. “con man?” You are so ate up with the dumbass that you can’t see reality. You give the word “stupid” a new meaning.

  10. I don’t know what rapists and other molesters David Miller hangs out with in locker rooms, but real men of honor — in or out of locker rooms — don’t joke about people being rapists or other sex molesting types.

    Given the comments, David Miller may have some kind of sick fantasy that would have him making light of someone grabbing his female loved ones by the groin without their consent. His misogyny speaks volumes about his damaged upbringing. Did his mom not love him enough?

  11. GUIdiot – You really are an ignorant fool. Apparently you have never been in a men’s locker room and heard the talk. I don’t imagine that the cooking class you took allowed for such. President Trump is neither a “rapist” nor a molester – your brain dead puppet imposter president is the molester- he likes to fondle small children, especially girls. You take stupidity to another level.

  12. @David gets the Trump Steaks Award today. Cocktails later featuring Trump Vodka and Trump Wine. At the ceremony we will award David with an Honorary Economics Degree from Trump University!! Then we’ll all adjourn into the locker room for some good old fashioned “guy talk” while we beat our chests and stare directly into the Sun.

  13. is this a POLITICAL Blog or Travel BLOG……. These Idiots need to go to Foxnews and push their TrumpTrashTalk.

    Every unemployed president needs to get $$$ from the less then 1% to pay for their private plane. I myself think Donnie should take the MIA flight out on Spirit and see what trash flying is like.

    GARY….. stop the Political talk or lose readers

  14. TomRL – Trump Trash Talk? Just who in the hell are you to spew this stupidity? If you shut your ignorant mouth, looked around at the state of America today and let it register that brain dead Biden and the lying liberal socialist DemocRats are ruining America, then you might be worthy enough to view the facts that Fox news posts and realize just how stupid you have been and continue to be with your ignorant support of Biden’s ruination of America.

  15. Desert Guy, you forgot to award Mr. Miller a free trip to anywhere Trump Airlines flies !

  16. David Miller — Jeez, take another gulp of that Kool-Aid and calm down. Trump lost. Deal with it.

  17. Did David Miller’s mom not love him enough? Someone didn’t raise the dude properly, and it shows in whatever perverted company he has been keeping in the locker rooms over the years.

  18. Don’t waste time responding to Trump’s supporters. If they are smart, they wouldn’t believe in Trump’s lie just about everything.

  19. Trump is the person who made the country so divided and full of hate and discrimination.

  20. David Miller hasn’t figured out that Trump lost because his “base” shrank to include only uneducated white males (a.k.a., rednecks).

  21. Unfortunately, it seems like with regard to the 2020 election that Trump may have made some gains over 2016 with Latino males, African-American males and perhaps even Asian males. A 800k net increase in Trump voters in 2020 would have meant we would still have to deal with Putin’s lap-dog Trump in the White House.

    David Miller and the other Lord Trump worshiperws who believe in the “greatness” of Trump should draw from their own bank accounts to tithe to the Temple of the Cult of Trump so that their deity Lord Trump can take to the sky like a winged devil.

    “Make Trump Great Again, by financially bailing out that loser”? A fool and their money are soon parted by a swindler.

  22. @ Haveaniceday summed it up best, that’s the bottom line. Laughable to have a slogan “Make America Great Again” and then promote a platform that is all about hating your neighbor if he isn’t like you or has a different perspective.

  23. With all the people suffering and in need in the world right now, a self professed “really really rich person” is asking for people not very well off to pony up a few dollars for him to buy a private airplane. That is astonishing. As trump said. he “could shoot someone in Central Park and his followers would still back him” …..what those followers don’t get is he essentially called them sheep.
    Narcissism, dishonesty and scamming are hardly traits that a Country can be made great on.
    Just wait till trump gets all your personal information on his social media scam.

  24. @glen e pickard : Uh-Oh, my bad. Good catch. The award goodie-bag could contain numerous items from Trump’s MANY failed “business enterprises” but alas it is now time to drop the curtain on the David Miller episode.

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