What Busta Rhymes Thinks About Being Called Out for Bad Behavior in British Airways First Class

Rapper Busta Rhymes made news getting into an altercation in British Airways first class flying New York JFK to London Heathrow enroute to Mykonos for a show along with his handler and his entourage of six people

Mr. Rhymes felt that the woman in the middle seat across the aisle – who lacked her own overhead bin, and boarded before him – shouldn’t have been permitted to use the bin above his seat. Things escalated when he had words with the woman’s husband, and when other passengers in the cabin interceded. The rap artist was met by police on arrival at Heathrow.

Having had time to reflect on the incident he offers a thought from Numbers 23:8 saying “who god blessed no man to curse.” He has the blessings of the Lord – as he boards his exclusive next flight – so he’s “answering back the narrative” by living his best life no matter what other passengers or British Airways has done or said.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how he treated anyone, he’s flying private. “Have a blessed day.”

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  1. I’m currently taking a dump in an office bathroom stall. Will come back and comment more after I watch the video with sound. All I will say for now is that bad behavior in my book is not saying please or thank you to the FA as they hand you your meal or drink. Behavior that gets you met by police is either borderline or actually criminal.

  2. @Jose I see what you did there, you just confirmed for everyone that you indeed have both the most fragile ego and the smallest penis

  3. Damn, these comments are really in the toilet

    I confirm I’ve finished pooping but I cannot find an available conference room in my office and I have no headphones so I can’t play the Instagram video with sound.

    I’ll just say that dietary fiber is good and I had a very satisfying evacuation of my bowels.

  4. Rap and entourage is all I need to know. With that said police often instigate, escalate and respond to situations without calmness, rationality and without “peace” making in mind. Hopefully the only outcome of this situation is just words and everyone moves on. Never can trust what flight attendants say without independent witnesses since they have been known to abuse power when passengers request service they paid for.

  5. If you watch the video you will truly understand Gary’s words in this post.

    I guess for Busta Whoever reciting scripture while trolling people with a private jet is the last word. And we wonder why society is a mess today?

  6. Okay I’ve seen the video with sound. There is no explicit connection between this video and the British Airways incident. Most fans I presume won’t make the connection, as the BA incident hasn’t made big waves in the general press.

  7. Jose – I don’t think Obama is that much older than Busta, so not sure your point (whatever it is) works…

  8. @Anthony, pretty sure Jose was not using logic or common sense, or reality really, as a basis for his comment.

    This is one of the most annoying features of BA first. There is a big closet in front on the 747 and the two passengers in the first row should use that. The next row should use their bins, the following two rows are screwed since there are four seats and only two bins per row. It is stupid. But not worth fighting over more than a dirty look.

  9. Since it sounds like BA didn’t want him as a passenger any more (at least on the trip to Greece), rather than trying to be at least respectful and kind to those around him — the inadequacy of which is what got him in trouble on the flight in the first place — he decides the best response is to try to show off that he has relatively expensive alternatives.

    Sounds like the person who claims to be “blessed” isn’t thankful enough for being “blessed” and thinks he should be beyond being criticized because he’s “blessed.”

    Donald Trump and Busta Rhymes should be best of buddies given their narcissistic ways that don’t include accepting that they must have done something wrong and obsession with trying to change the narrative when due criticism comes their way.

  10. @GUWonder. Why do you have to bring Trump into it. In any case, a google search would have informed you that Rhymes is seriously anti-Trump.

  11. OJS

    Are you aware that birds of a feather can fight with each other at times too?

    BR being anti-Trump doesn’t mean that Trump isn’t a lot like Busta Rhymes.

    Bringing up characteristics of a more famous person for comparison purposes makes sense. And this blog loves references that tie back to political figures/politics.

  12. If you want to see what busta is all about watch a video called “busta rhymes on five presenters and nation of Islam ” where he says that white peoples inherent nature is that of devils

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