WHAT?! U.S. – London Business Class Roundtrip Just $1085

Premium Flights flags an incredible deal of U.S. to London from just $1085 roundtrip in business class.

From Washington DC $1085
From New York $1085
From Los Angeles $1370
From San Francisco $1375
From Orlando $1193

More cities in the US are available for similar prices…The cheapest prices can be found from 27-31th October for the outbound flight, inbound flights can be weeks later. In November, you can find prices for just $200 more, so still very cheap (often minimum stay 14 days, not always).

Premium Flights found non-stop United between the U.S. and London. I’m using Google flights and finding United to and from Canada, with Air Canada over the Atlantic.

These fares will not last. And I would wait a bit on booking non-refundable arrangements based on these tickets. The deals are good enough that I could see the airlines getting sellers’ remorse and arguing that they should be cancelled. (Although under DOT rules, doing so would require them to cover non-refundable losses you incur in reliance on the tickets.)

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  1. Wow! A U.S.-London business class roundtrip for just $1085 is an incredible deal! It’s always a treat to come across bargains like this, especially for business class, which offers a much more comfortable and enjoyable flying experience. This goes to show that with a bit of research and keeping an eye out, you can snag some great deals. Thanks for sharing this with the community, Gary. Worth looking into. Safe travels to all! ✈️ 🙂

  2. this seems to happen every year as volume drops when kids go back to school and volume drops off.

  3. Horses for courses, but I’d rather fly nonstop in the back of the plane, rather than make a stop sitting in the front of the plane, particularly from the east coast where this is only roughly a 7 hour flight, but at least 1/3 longer flying via YYZ with the chance of a misconnection in both directions.

  4. Flights from Atlanta price a lot higher, nowhere near $1,085. More like $2,000+.
    Unfortunate. I’d love to enjoy the business class, but must agree with Mak – if one goes for a week, spending hours waiting on connection is just not worth it.

  5. What am I supposed to do with or what actions do I take with the C02 information presented in the fare information? Why is the woke / PC here? What a waste of electrons…

  6. This was indeed a mistake fare… it went away after about 1.5 hours (by 11:30am PDT). Effected airline was basically United and Air Canada sold by Lufthansa. However, united deal evaporated much quicker and what Gary is showing is the remainder of Air Canada deal. United ones were much better deal, many nonstop from SFO, ORD and IAD… United hubs basically. What’s not to like?
    I am flying out of SEA and was able to book one with short layover at SFO outbound and ~2 hr layover at IAD enought to check out the Polaris launge on both location. Again, if you are only seeing Air Canada connecting via YYZ… it’s too late. Only way to book those now are OTA and I doubt those will be honored. I was able to book via Amex Travel getting discounts and 35% point rebate. WIth miles I would earn, my net points were like 62000 MR points round trip per person.

  7. @tjp1974 – assume you know if a mistake fare they are not obligated to honor it so if I were you I’d expect it to be cancelled within a week or so. Gary noted not to make non-refundable reservations associated with these fares.

  8. Fare is definitely gone as of 6:30 p.m. EDT, but $1,990 R/T from DC still available. Still pretty impressive.

  9. Newark is not New York, FFS. If it’s from Newark, just say Newark or New Jersey. Newark is completely inconvenient for the majority of New Yorkers, who don’t want to make the long and expensive trip to another state, especially after a return flight. Really tired of clickbait that misleads me into thinking I can get such deals from ACTUAL New York.

  10. The only reason to visit London is that from next Saturday the Premier League restarts.
    Otherwise they would hav wot it me to visit that dark dingy sad city!

  11. @ Gary — Congrats to those who snagged this one. $1k+ isn’t chump change, so I doubt these are cancelled.

  12. Getting to EWR is as easy and fast as to JFK from Manhattan from Penn Station. Direct trains go directly to EWR, without worry of traffic. So do buses with special lanes.

  13. @ Carol Spomer. Thank you for the good intercity travel advice. I suspect L is the type of person that needs rescuing when the escalator stops.

  14. @Carol you’re absolutely correct. Considering Uber from LGA us around $50, I’ll take the train from EWR to Penn any day if the week.

  15. @TLU, how has the inclusion of estimated emissions adversely impacted you at all? What does any of this have to do with being “woke” or “PC” as you so claim?

  16. OTAs are cancelling some of these tickets. But airlines have not cancelled direct bookings. Time for a follow up story.

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