When Restaurants Closed, Rats Needed Somewhere To Eat – The Paris Airport

There are several surprising side effects of the coronavirus pandemic, that make a lot of sense once they’re pointed out. For instance one of the prime drivers in reduced GDP during the first quarter was drop in health care spending. How can that be with all the investment in treating COVID-19? Elective treatments were put off, nobody was going to the dentist either.

When restaurants closed down, rats had to go scurrying elsewhere in search of food. The virus may have jumped from bats (perhaps via an intermediary animal) to humans, but rats were apparently affected quite a bit too.

One place rats, mice and other rodents went, apparently, was Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

Saturday Night Live reminded us not to eat airport sushi. And those airline meals can sit freezing for a disturbingly long period of time. But now we may need more than just irregular health department inspections of airport food service locations, too?

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  1. Gary, I don’t think this is at cdg airport. You can hear cars go by in the background. I think it’s somewhere else?

  2. You said people were not going to doctors during shut down. Appointments were re-scheduled. Mine from March to May and May to June.

  3. As I noted in March on FT, many healthcare facilities had stopped providing elective medical procedures. And it was a big reason why even then doctors were seeing big income drops or told to expect big income drops during this pandemic.

  4. Gary, this never posted this morning, so I’m sending it again: This video allegedly showing mice at CDG was fact-checked and labeled false by Agence France Presse. According to AFP, the video was taken at a shop in the 6th arrondisement in Paris in January 2020, not at CDG in the middle of the pandemic. The shopkeeper said they dealt with the infestation and have had no further problems. https://factuel.afp.com/non-cette-video-virale-ne-montre-pas-des-rongeurs-laeroport-roissy-charles-de-gaulle?fbclid=IwAR1fF4PSH6wOeGMZc_zx_iV-KfNXaQVXHgZ7w6XlaUJYR6JJ6CJ-Jxf5Pyw

  5. Yeah I am. Ot thinking CDG either, the panninis on the top of the pizzas were only 3 euros or 5 euros, not exactly CDG prices by any means.

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