When T-Mobile Announced Their Merger With Sprint Executives Started Staying at the Trump Hotel DC

T-Mobile and Sprint executives didn’t stay much at the Trump Hotel in DC before they announced the merger but as soon as the deal was announced their spending ramped up to 14% of their total DC hotel spend.

T-Mobile’s patronage of President Trump’s Washington hotel increased sharply after the announcement in April of its merger with Sprint, with executives spending about $195,000 at the property since then, the company told congressional Democrats in a letter last month.

Before news of the megadeal between rival companies broke on April 29, the company said, only two top officials from T-Mobile had ever stayed at Trump’s hotel, with one overnight stay each in August 2017.

But the day after the merger’s announcement, nine of T-Mobile’s top executives were scheduled to check in, The Washington Post reported in January. The Post, relying on internal Trump hotel documents, found that T-Mobile executives had reserved at least 52 nights at the hotel since the announcement.

What’s more, executives made sure they were seen.

The T-Mobile executives were very visible during their stays at the Trump hotel, wearing clothes featuring the bright magenta T-Mobile logo. At one point, Legere walked around the Trump hotel lobby posing for photos.

Heavily regulated businesses want to please their regulator. In this case the federal government had to decide whether to take steps to block the merger. There’s no reason to believe that room night and event spend would be dispositive in the government’s decision-making, but given the size of the merger there’s no reason not to kiss the ring.

I’m not sure this is much different than Delta comping elite status to Georgia politicians.

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  1. This is news? Slow day Gary or just getting on the bandwagon? I did not think this actually fits tour style.

  2. 52 nights, psshhst. Saudi Arabia bought 500 nights there in 3 months after Trump won the election.

  3. “I am shocked-shocked-to find gambling is going on in here.”

    -Captain Renault. Casablanca.

  4. It has been widely reported that the Trump name has been hurt significantly by all the angry liberals attacking it. If becoming President was a plot to make more money, it backfired.

  5. However, it pales in comparison to the amount the Clinton Global Initiative raked in by supposedly altruistic donors…………….

  6. This biased drivel is why you’ll never earn a cent from me in credit card referrals. This used to be a good source for information for me, but your biases are showing through more and more. Your blog though, so you do as you want. I’m free to get my info from many other reliable sources like Frequent Miler, One Mile at a Time, Doctor of Credit just to name a few.

  7. @Other Just Saying

    His hotel business may have suffered in the short term but imagine all the deals and insider trading him and his cronies have been able to benefit from while in office. It’s also likely the inauguration fundraising was a big illegal slush fund.

  8. I’m sure the fact that it is the hotel closest to the Antitrust Division of the DOJ has nothing to do with it.

    By the way, the link to the Delta Congressional bribe with status should mention that United gifts members of Congress GS status as well. But all that is not an ethics violation because that status is a worthless honorarium, right?

  9. @Omar. No worries. The creepy deep state political actors (Democratic congress, friends of Comey in the 9th District Attorney’s office, politically motivated State District Attorneys, radically left wing biased media [like the Washington Post]) will open about 20,000 investigations and lawsuits about inauguration fund. Unfortunately, I am only exaggerating a little bit about the 20,000. Moreover, they will force everyone that donated to the inauguration fund to hire expensive lawyers to defend themselves (that will teach them to support Trump in the future). The left wing has made it abundantly clear they will punish anyone that does not agree with them.

    The rabid opposition to Trump and Trump supporters is downright scary. “RRRRRRRRRR Get Trump, RRRRRRRRRR” they chant, gnashing their teeth, with tortured fanatical grimaces on their faces. [I would say an “exorcism” would be in order. However, mentioning a Christian Ritual would probably send them over the edge, so I will not mention it.] “Better Red than Dead” they say. Maybe I should convert to leftism before they get me. Gotta think about that one.

  10. Other Just Saying and u other Trump supporters, your talking points could have been written by Trumps KKK supporters When Trump is impeached and locked up, u racists will have to look for a different racist to support. Perhaps David Duke?

  11. @Allen: Thomas Sowell wrote “Racism is not dead. But it is on life-support, kept alive mainly by the people who use it for an excuse or to keep minority communities fearful or resentful enough to turn out as a voting bloc on Election Day.” The better Trump is for blacks, the stronger the left wing is going to push the race card. You are being played by race hustlers and con men that want your money and support. Wake up man.

  12. Hey Omar!

    Why no peep about the CGI???

    Perhaps you suffer from psychological projection???

    Allen —

    You have fallen down the rabbit hole — your party can’t even compose a simple measure denouncing anti-semitism!

    We will see how it does in the next election.

  13. History will show Other Just Saying and Hadley and all the KKK members who support Trump as the racists they are. U Trump supporters are responsible for the increased hate crimes and violence against people of color, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ community and degrading of women. I hear white sheets are selling well

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