White House Announces Exemptions To New Vaccine Requirement For Travel To U.S.

Starting November 8, most non-resident travelers to the United States will have to be vaccinated in addition to testing negative for Covid-19 within the prior 3 days.

This replaces the near-blanket ban on travel from China, Iran, India, Brazil, South Africa, the European Schengen area, the U.K. and Ireland.

It was an odd rule since travelers from Bahrain and Peru, which had some of the world’s worst outbreaks, were never excluded. Neither were travelers from Mexico, who couldn’t cross the land border but could enter by air.

The new rule is odd as well,

  • The new entry policy recognizes vaccines approved by the World Health Organization, so the Chinese Sinovac vaccine is accepted, even though it was claimed to be just 51% effective against symptomatic disease pre-Delta variant and the WHO says there’s no evidence it reduces infection or transmission.

  • Russia’s Sputnik vaccine won’t be accepted. So until November 8th unvaccinated Russians are welcome in the U.S. and after that even vaccinated Russians won’t be. Sputnik has been ordered by 70 countries.

  • Prior infection isn’t recognized at all, so people following European guidelines for one vaccine dose along with prior infection – which may provide more robust immunity than so-called full vaccination (and prior infection plus one dose of Pfizer-BioNTech is certainly better than one dose of Johnson & Johnson) – won’t be allowed.

The administration, in issuing its orders, has now clarified who is exempt from the vaccine requirement entirely.

  1. Children under 18. Many vaccines aren’t approved yet for use in children.

  2. Those with medical reasons not to get one. There will be a procedure, just as employer requirements generally allow medical exemption.

  3. Business visitors from countries where vaccines aren’t prevalent. There are about 50 countries where vaccination rates are below 10%, and non-tourist visitors from those countries will not have to be vaccinated.

Exempt visitors staying in the country longer than 60 days will generally need to become vaccinated, which doesn’t require citizenship or residence or even an I.D. It’s odd to require vaccination only at the end of two months rather than, say, for those whose exemption isn’t due to age or health being required to get a shot within their first few days in the country.

Airlines will have to confirm that non-U.S. residents flying to the U.S. have proof of vaccination from an “official source” and that the last dose “was at least two weeks earlier than the travel date.”

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  1. Following a global health organization list seems like a good idea. But if “the WHO says there’s no evidence it reduces infection or transmission” then why does the WHO keep it on the list? I’m guessing politics.

    Either way the US can follow the WHO or make up its own rules. I’m guessing following the WHO with some modifications is easier to implement and have standard enforcement.

  2. Russians with a WHO approved vaccine can still visit. But, one wonders what affect it will have on Aeroflot flights to the US, and if flight crew need to be vaccinated with a WHO approved vaccine. But, WHO approval of Sputnik is underway, but may not be approved in 2021 if it follows the path of EU approval of Sputnik, partially because of schedule issues. The issues are more related to manufacturer site approvals than effectiveness.

  3. Pilots are generally terrible at running airlines, doctors are generally terrible at running hospitals. Along those lines, this is what we get when incompetent lifetime government bureaucrats are put in charge of running this country, this is the nonsense that prevails. And certainly they will make the FAA mask mandate more or less permanent now that cold and flu season is just around the corner.

  4. omg this makes absolutely no sense and yet , I get to lose my JOB but can travel freely according to this policy. This country is a JOKE

  5. 2021: Building Back Segregation

    What a world we live in.
    Vaccines last 6 months
    People who are ‘protected’ are the most terrified.

    Science went out the window, hysteria remains.

    But. at least we’re trying segregation again.

  6. “Neither were travelers from Mexico, who couldn’t cross the land border but could enter by air.”

    Awesome ! Gary just solved the Southern Border Crisis all on his own!

    Leff 2024 !

  7. Translation: We have no idea what we are doing so here are the rules for now and we’ll change them whenever we decide we don’t know something else. What we need to do is defeat COVID (by “defeat” I mean get it down to where it is no longer killing thousands a day), for which purpose we need to get people vaccinated.

  8. David Stone,

    As more and more “professional mangers” got involved in being in charge of more and more healthcare services in the US — involved from one or more side of the healthcare service marketplace — it hasn’t taken genius to notice what happened: health care costs in the US have skyrocketed out of proportion to improvements in health outcomes; the quality of care depersonalized; and even the quantity of care rationed in ways that just run up the long-term costs. You just don’t notice it or care to notice it because mostly its OPM paying for the majority of healthcare in the country in the here and now. Trying to pretend as if “professional businesspeople” are the best people to run the healthcare show is a natural inclination for corporate apologists who fancy themselves as “conservatives” or “libertarians” and want to privatize the gains of fleecing the consumers while socializing the losses; but that doesn’t mean it works well. Penny-wise, pound-foolish is the natural output by and for those “running hospitals” today, and it doesn’t work well except for fans and private beneficiaries of corporate socialism.

  9. Sounds like this will jam up the immigration lines so badly that no one will be able to enter anyway. Might have been the point.

  10. More nonsense and stupidity for a “virus” with a .5% mortality rate. This has never been about health, but always about control.

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  14. Have them come in through McAllen, Texas. No vax mandate and no testing. Over 1 million have used this entrance to the United States and even received assistance in traveling to their final destination.

  15. Don

    ‘Science went out the window’

    Yes, it was so terrible that horse dewormers (and before that malaria medications) weren’t used as dictated by the ‘science’ of the anti-vaxxers

  16. It is utterly unwarranted to have fully vaccinated American citizens and permanent residents returning to the United States by air being required to have a negative Covid-19 test within three days of travel. Such testing for these passengers is both a hassle and costly. Further, the new CDC order remains a burden in stimulating more travel for tourism and business. I’ll refrain from foreign travel until more sane minds prevail!

  17. Shows how idiotic the Democrat government and liberal media are. Don’t argue, you’ll lose. Your president was the fifth choice among Democrats last year.

  18. Ok I’ll further my argument:
    Dogs make terrible dog catchers, schizophrenics do a lousy job of running an asylum,
    And this guy from China wrote a terribly boring novel that jammed up my inbox.
    Leff – get us out of here!

  19. @Jon

    STOP IT with the “horse de-wormer” lies!! You are the poster child for MSM brainwashing. How about you actually do some research and learn something instead of letting the media tell you what to think???

    Here, I’ll do it FOR you: https://www.covid19treatmentguidelines.nih.gov/tables/table-2e/

    What’s the 2nd drug listed that’s APPROVED for treating the China virus??

    *GASP* Is it possible? Yes, Virginia, it is! IVERMECTIN!!!!

    What a loser…

  20. @Amazing Larry – I guess you missed the words after approved in the link you provided. They were “or under evaluation”. So far, none of the trials which were not revoked have found any statistically improved results over doing nothing. Yet people still yell at the doctors and nurses when they only provide the normal standard of care, which doesn’t include your favorite horse dewormer.

  21. @ John H

    Then so is Remdesivir, which has a 53% FATALITY rate! Why are hospitals coerced into making a drug that has a higher death rate than the disease they are treating part of their protocols???

    Ivermectin has been proven safe and effective (and CHEAP) for years!

    WAKE UP!!!!

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