Why Delta Million Milers Aren’t Special [Roundup]

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  1. Receiving lifetime tier status via any US-based airline’s million-miler system is like receiving Marriott lifetime tier status. Think about it.

    The visa system prioritizes countries that are predominantly white and Christian. Isn’t this one of the ways that we will make America great again?

  2. Gary, got a minute to chat for a Thanksgiving travel story I am putting together for the Chicago Sun-Times?
    Please email your contact info if you do.
    Looking to chat today.
    Mitch Dudek

  3. By the way, it was NOT the airline that reminded flight attendants to settle incidental charges. It was the UNION that reminded them.

  4. Where have all the DL flights gone? Check out the significant reduction of non-stop international DL flights this winter. From ATL you can basically get to London, Paris, Frankfurt and AMS. All of the non-stops to places like DUB, BCN, MAD, ATH, TLV – all missing until March. Goodbye fare deals, mileage runs and GUC usage.

  5. @ Gary — Well, DL hasn’t made me feel special in about a decade. The current lounge situation is so horrible that it feels like a cheap Las Vegas buffet of coach-dwellers. American is better in this regards by leaps and bounds.

  6. And Delta lets us know we’re not special.

    Million Milers on UA get Gold status, and their spouse or other significant other also gets the status.

    Million Milers on DL get Silver status and nothing for spouses or significant others.

  7. 3 million miles on both DL and AA so lifetime Gold DL and Platinum AA. Worth it, especially now that I’m retired, to be able to pick any seat (AA that is – DL still wants fee or “upgrade” to Comfort + even for Gold elite (which I realize isn’t that high), use priority check in, board earlier and get benefits of One World and Skyteam partners. However, upgrades are few and far between. I’m so old I remember when Delta’s top level was call Royal Medallion and was also previously Chairman Preferred on US Airways and EP on AA. Retired now so a free agent and fly who I want. At least have some status without flying or buying it with credit card purchases.

    Agree basic 1 million is nothing at all and the next lifetime level up (2 million on both) isn’t much better. Doubt I’ll make 4 million qualifying miles on either to get Platinum for life (DL) or Platinum Pro for life (AA) so will have to just be content with what I have.

  8. Delta, what a tragedy. To go from the most-bestest customer service to the very bottom of the barrel during the virus hysteria. I worked very hard to accumulate my SkyMiles and now find Delta so difficult to get along with that I’ll probably use my SkyMiles to book a partner airline, if they could even manage that.. I’ve been pounding away for SEVEN MONTHS to get a cancelled flight (booked with cash & miles) refunded or create a credit. Delta refuses to communicate via chat, email or phone. I’m totally disgusted.

  9. @Lee

    Yes, yes it is. I want a FULL vetting of ANYONE from a muslim nation. They have proven time and time and time and time (ad naseum) that they can not be trusted. When was the last time a Christian strapped a bomb to himself and blew up a market full of women and children? Go ahead, I’ll wait…

  10. Million mile status on United allows gifting the current status to someone else. So, if one is Global Services, but “just” a million miler, they can give Global Services to someone else for a year. A spouse used to traveling with Global Services status and then traveling by themselves gets an entirely different experience. This seems like a good perk to have.

  11. Attained Million Miler status in 2009, and aside from the free Hartmann suitcase that only lasted a couple of years, along with a couple of flights that the FA personally thanked each Million Miler on the plane, I have never thought I was ever “special” in Delta’s eyes

  12. @ AC — The highest lifetime status on AA is lowly Platinum, so 4 MM on AA won’t get you PlatPro for life. United definitely has the best MM program, by far, but it is also more difficult to attain.

  13. @Amazing Larry. The white Christians are engaging in mass shootings in the US. But hey, guess that’s acceptable in your little word.

  14. What is even worse is the demoting of Diamonds on Boarding!! we used to be able to board with FIrst Class if flying in C- or Main..but now it is after FC….bummer… gts better every flight!!

  15. RACIST MORONS IN MIDDLE AMERICA oppose all forms of immigration because they fear people who are different from themselves. This explains the visa backlog. All enlightened people in coastal metro areas know that immigrants make America great and we should just have open borders. Why limit the free movement of members of our own species across arbitrary borders?

    The same racist morons in middle America are opposing women’s rights and a plethora of other issues. These racist morons are only good for raising chickens that I buy from Costco at $4.99.

  16. I don’t feel at all special being MM with DL except for those exit rows. I feel even less special being lifetime Titanium with Marriott as I can’t even get on the 3rd floor in Fairfield Inn’s, lol

  17. I reached 1 MM on UA earlier this year. My wife having my 1K status as a result is nice. Maybe my experience is unique, but they really played it up on the flight to ACC when I crossed the 1 MM threshold. Someone met me at the gate, the crew gave me a gift package with a bunch of stuff and the captain presented the medallion. I’m not big on that sort of thing but I have to admit it felt good to have the occasion recognized in that manner.

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