Why Is Everything But Seafood Bad In Boston? [Roundup]

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  1. I know you’re linking but, as someone who has traveled to 6 continents, unfair blow to Boston food.

    They have a Little Italy with dozens of great places that have been cornerstones for decades. Plus a tremendous little bakery scene within it. Foul.

    And London is one of my favorite places in the world and the food is hideous I agree. Can’t abide Boston

  2. Re:Boston – I very much agree the food is poor and my working theory is the liquor license cap is a big contributor to the mediocrity. When you need to shell out $500k just for a liquor license that is going to predispose a new restaurant towards safe, bankable cuisine. A lot of great restaurants are only great during the first few years when inspiration is there. Less turnover equals fewer restaurants at that point in the curve.

  3. I’m a native NEnglander and lived in downtown Boston for many years. Basically, all of NEngland is a mix of Irish, Italian, and English, and through the decades the clan attitude has continued. Folks from outside the area who move there either adapt, or go elsewhere. Boston and environs have a traditional Yankee mindset that preserves tradition and heritage, as well as frugality. And a stiff upper lip attitude – you work hard, endure, and adapt, no complaining. Although this is the 21st century, I find much of NEngland stuck with a provincial attitude, which absolutely amazes me, considering the better educational systems throughout. Still, there are pockets of inventive cuisine and creativity, like Portland and Portsmouth (seafood), farm-to-table restaurants in NH and VT, and immigrant cities like Providence and Fall River.

  4. @Brian If you think the food in London is “hideous” you’re clearly not making any kind of effort as it’s remarkably simple to find a wide variety of truly great dining options in the city.

  5. The North End of Boston has terrific Italian food. Any one of a half dozen restaurants will provide a meal as good as you can find. Relatedly, there is excellent pizza in Boston.

    Santarpio’s pizza in East Boston (it’s on the way to the airport) is excellent. Most people won’t stop there because it is a hole in the wall kind of place. Their loss.

  6. I doubt British food is bland due to early industrialization

    It is more likely because for thousands of years it was an island that had far less access to spices and products than the countries on the continent.

    That changed with industrialization and trade. But by this time the English palate was “set”

    Pilgrims brought this palate to the US Northeast.

    Even today, you see how historical influences dominate cuisine.
    Ever notice how often British desserts use Passionfruit? How often do we use this?

    Regardless, although I agree that Boston has fewer amazing restaurants than it should given its size and influence, there are fantastic restaurants there.
    And London has an amazing food scene. Just don’t eat British food.

  7. I literally read the headline of this article, skipped all the comments that are assuredly about the North End, and would like to post – tell me you’ve never been to the North End without telling me you’ve never been to the North End.

  8. I dream of Santarpio’s Pizza in East Boston. When I was based at Logan we used to hang there late at night after getting in from a trip.

    Never found anywhere else like it!

  9. @JRMW: “Just don’t eat British food.”.
    True until about 1980. You need to go there to update your stale views.

  10. Why link to an article that wants me to either pay for it or TRACK the time of day i take a poo and which toilet paper i use. .

    Either do not use a direct link or go back into the 80s and write it yourself.

  11. Matthew should have not been visiting the Combat Zone trying to get something to eat (Only Older Boston people will know what this mean ) at Burger King or Mc Ds and gone to the other places the people have noted.

  12. @ Gary Leff

    Avianca LifeMiles may have introduced a pathway to Star Alliance Gold per purchased LifeMiles – where’s the salient commentary from the thought leader?

  13. There are some great dining options in Boston and Cambridge. You need to expand your focus to find them.

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