Woman Accuses American Airlines Phone Agent Of Putting Foot Up Her…

A woman admits to saying something nasty to an American Airlines call center agent.

She left items on a plane, and was hoping to talk to someone at the airport, but was frustrated by the agent on the phone directing her to file a claim online (“I did say a not nice thing to him as I was hanging up the phone.”)

It all started with a trip from Boston to Miami on American Airlines in February. Margolis, her husband and kids were going on a cruise for her son’s Bar Mitzvah, but they accidentally left a garment bag with her son’s suit for the big event and her daughter’s dress on the airplane.

One minute after she got off the phone with the American Airlines agent she received a text. She complained to the airline, they investigated speaking to the agent, she got another text.

The woman posted the text exchange publicly to her Facebook exchange. I’ve redacted the phone number the texts came from as well as some of the language.

American casts doubt on the story. They say the agent in question was immediately on another call after the one in question (though presumably they could text and talk at the same time). The text came from an area code tied to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, though the call was handled in Phoenix and went to a supervisor in Raleigh-Durham. Of course I have a Northern Virginia cell phone number and I live in Austin.

The airline says they couldn’t trace the number. No one answered when the media called. The phone’s voicemail doesn’t identify its owner. None of this is dispositive.

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  1. I was surprised you didn’t report about the black lady who was harassed after a flight because she took video of a white passenger who was complaining about her (she said because she was flying fat & black) and the white woman lied to f/a who called police and said the black woman “assaulted” her (presumably because she actually had to sit next to her and actually had their arms touching ~gasp~)
    Not the first time American accused of being racially biased.

  2. Gary wrote: “I’ve redacted the phone number the texts came from as well as some of the language”

    Why didn’t you redact the battery power, you fool. Click bait story, that’s all that it is.

  3. @Penny
    You have only heard one side of the story. I guess due process and innocent until proven guilty are anachronistic ideals in today’s #metoo environment. Wouldn’t be a first time someone cried racism as a cover for their own poor behavior.

  4. It’s hard to believe bc I assume AA agents hear insults all day and shrug them off. But how weird does someone have to be to make this up…and also…couldn’t they be more creative than a foot somewhere? I mean if the agent was going to do this…I think she’d come up with something better.

  5. @Penny: If you could read, you’d see that Gary did post about the fat black lady. Just wondering if you are a moron on your own or just your extra chromosome keeping you down. Shall we set up a GoFundMe so you can have it surgically removed?

  6. The headline is inaccurate (at least given the story). The woman accused the AA agent of using rude language in a text; the headline is that the woman is accusing the agent of actually putting his foot up her anatomy.

  7. So she claims she just wants accountability yet on her FB page she wrote:

    Funny, a simple apology and a free ticket to someplace and I would have been satisfied that I was valued as a customer and put this incident behind me.

    She wanted a free ticket pure and simple

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