Woman Asked Internet To Find Man She Flirted With On Vacation, What They Found Was His Wife.

A Detroit woman met a man while on vacation in Miami. He approached her while she was playing in the ocean and flirted with her. And, she says, he later gave her his phone number but she failed to save it. So in typical ‘missed connections’ fashion she took to social media to see if the internet could track him down.

And that’s exactly what the internet did. Or at least they first found his… wife. It’s a travel tale for life on the road in 2022.

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Through the man’s wife TikTok sleuths found the man. She posted an update that she wouldn’t be reaching out. And that his wife requested that she leave up the original video. What?

Micha said she was in Miami “looking all good in the ocean” while her friend took pictures of her when the man approached her. The friend thought the man was “bold” so she kept recording, Mica said in the video.

“After we got out the ocean, he did give me his number, but I was lit. I thought I save it, but I didn’t,” Mica said. “So the update is that he is indeed married, and I won’t be reaching out to him.”

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But since this is 2022, the guy whose flirtations were called out in front of millions online… clapped back from his own TikTok account. He said he spoke to a woman for maybe 5-7 minutes five months earlier and didn’t even know her name until the “crazy video” that she posted and claims that the video of them together was “edited and sliced.” At least he didn’t use the Shaggy Defense.

“I’m a gentleman. Having fun,” he said. He added that the interaction was “nothing serious,” and if he had really been trying to cheat, he would have been more “intimate.”

The man also claimed that he never gave Mica his number. He said it’s “weird as hell and very lame” that Mica is still thinking about the short interaction that they shared five months ago.

“I mean, granted, I know I’m a handsome guy. And I like to think that I got a decent mouthpiece,” the man boasted. “But I can’t even give myself that much credit.”

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So his defense is basically yeah, he was flirting and why call him out for that? The takeaway here seems to be that the things you do during travel (vacation or business trip) may get back to your spouse. There’s no longer any such thing as anonymity – be careful out there, there are consequences to your actions.

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  1. Are one or both of them trying to break into reality TV or some such? Because this is the sort of staged situation that thirsty individuals may use to get attention.

  2. We called it the 500 mile rule when I was traveling a lot (retired now). Trust me many men and women on business trips have invoked this

  3. Somehow reminds me of that old SNL skit “Bad Idea Jeans.”

    “Normally I wear protection. But then I figured, when am I gonna make it back to Haiti?”

  4. What a lamebrain story. Your story’s OK, but the facts are just yukky. Who on earth would care about any of this? But if it serves to remind all the morons out there that the internet is a PUBLIC venue,, not to contain anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to read or look at, then it’s served its purpose. It’s difficult to grasp why people use the internet so stupidly.

  5. She was lit an easy.. wanting to get it on now. Shame she did it publicly. He gave her his number.. Girl.. ease up on 420..more Indica for you.. less Sativa.

  6. The IRS wants your biometrics to access your tax information from the IRS. Odds are that such info wanted by or on behalf of the government/government contractor will end up on darker corners of the internet and be used for FRTing people for the questionable “benefit” of who knows what. And that includes people chasing down “missed connections” without needing a large social media posse to have a successful “hunt”.

  7. “Nothing says lovin like something in her oven”
    I guess shes up for grabs all? Who is in?
    More exciting than an episode of the bachelorette

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