Woman Climbs On Seats, Pounds The Overhead Bins Screaming About Her Evening Plans

A woman was dragged off an American Airlines regional jet flight departing Atlanta on Saturday. She wasn’t making her removal easy.

Now let’s rewind for a moment, how did this happen? That’s a video I’m not going to embed, because of the language the woman is using in it. But if ‘NSFW’ no longer has any meaning in these ‘work from home times’ you can click on it yourself because it’s truly something extraordinary.

She climbed up on the seats at the back of the aircraft. She pounded on the overhead bins. And she let everyone throughout the plane know she had the intention of copulating throughout the entire evening.

The flight was “getting ready to take off” but returned to the gate, because which was better for the safety of the aircraft and the rest of its passengers but may have served as an impediment to this woman keeping her declared ‘all night’ appointment.

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  1. If you place a few rats in a cage and let them propagate without expanding the cage. They first go crazy then they cannibalize each other until the population is reduced. Looks like our society is in phase 1.

  2. I’m beginning to think Korean Airlines has the right idea arming their FA’s with tasers….

  3. Some people really get the craziest reaction flying regional jets. I’ve witnessed that on CRJ-900 equipment before

  4. Extended sessions of copulation are unhealthy. Women should urinate as soon as possible following standard intercourse, approximately 10 minutes, to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection. Men who have it up longer than 4 hours should go to the ER, for there is a risk of permanent inability to get it up in the future.

  5. Really? She needed to be removed no matter what color she is!! You don’t act like that when your on an airplane! She was acting like a wild animal and whoever says she’s a trumper, I think not! We trumpers have more dignity and respect than the way she was acting.

  6. Clearly the only people that can be diagnosed with a mental disorder are white men after they have opened fire, at concerts, churches, movie theatres, school and pre-schoolers.

  7. Ain’t Atlanta, where this occurred, the same city where the BLM activist, Sir Maejor Page, was scamming people for BLM money, spent about $200,000 on himself, and later got arrested by the FBI for money laundering? Grab up those Delta BLM pins as they may soon become collector’s items.

  8. At least she tried to wear a mask so I will give her credit for that. Seems like she took something that she shouldn’t have or mixed things together that don’t go together. I can’t imagine she was acting like that prior to boarding and on the camera people were saying she was sitting there just fine for half an hour or something before she started flipping out. Hopefully she gets some help for whatever this issue is.

  9. My, the racist trolls are out in force for this one. The poor woman is obviously severely mentally ill and the color of her skin has nothing to do with it.

    While it may seem amusing, I was on a 10 transcon with someone who had a mental break, traveling with his father who had come to take him home (to India) and it was heartbreaking. A little terrifying too, particularly when he burned off his plastic restraints and bolted to try to open the plane door.
    No joking matter.

  10. In all honesty, do we really need to be posting these videos of people going through mental health crises on flights?

  11. Not obvious at all that the woman is mentally ill. The woman could be either mentally ill (in a manic state), physically ill (as in a diabetic who has been drinking alcohol), unfamiliar with the side effects of her prescriptions drugs (like sleep or anxiety pills) or high on illegal drugs. No way to tell from the video. Definitely there was a serious issue going on there and the woman needed to be removed from the plane. The color of her skin may indeed have something to do with as she has a higher probability for diabetes or asthma (and some asthma drugs, like prednisone, could put her in a psychotic state).

  12. AlohaDaveKennedy – We all agree she needed to be removed from the plane. I am just questioning the need for Gary to post the video on his widely read blog. The woman was in distress for whatever reason and can be easily identified in the video by people who may know her. I’m not sure what value the video adds to readers while it can cause additional harm to the individual.

    There have been a number of videos of passenger issues posted on the blog in recent months – some may be useful to see (in terms of customer service issues with masks, etc), some have not been. This one is in the not useful category IMO

  13. Why is every single instance of stupid behavior excused as “mental illness”? This may be normal. Even been to the zoo??

  14. it seems to me , that in the past, the crew has always been the “bad guys”…pax have “video us”, and taken pix….we were berated for doing our jobs…now, clearly, you can see, and experience what we have been dealing with…not just “terroristic threats” (ive been here pre 9-11), but the outright “uncivil” behavior that we deal with, now, almost weekly. finally, you are showing the “the customer/pax” is NOT always right. this has to STOP!!! remember: first and foremost..our jobs are for SAFETY…for pax and CREW!!!

  15. As far as that mask goes–because this is View from the Wing, so of COURSE we HAVE to discuss the MASK–I think it was probably up on her face before she started flying from the overhead bins. You can see it progressively slip down as she progresses up the aisle.

    On another topic, kudos to the people on the plane, especially those who escorted her off, as they were especially kind to her, and no one treated HER in kind.

  16. I don’t mind the screen of videos of passengers ( and/or crew) behaving badly; however, this one crosses the line. It’s obvious she’s in distress, regardless of the cause. It serves no useful purpose to screen it, it’s of prurient interest only.

  17. It’s probably been a while since she’s seen action and was simply overly excited to **** all night.

  18. If you think she was distressed (which probably came about through something she willfully injected or ingested) think about the rest of the people on that flight. To have pity for the perpetrator and none for the victims is really outrageous. Too much energy spent considering her situation and rights and not enough energy spent on those who had to witness this atrocious behavior.

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