Woman Spits On Delta Passengers, Takes Stand Against Masks, Before Being Dragged Off By Police

You may not like the federal mask mandate. You may think requiring paper masks that don’t fit well against your face isn’t going to do much against Covid-19. And you may think having received two doses of an mRNA vaccine protects you and others. But the mask rule is a federal rule, currently slated to run through September 13. It was airline policy even before that.

As a general matter most passengers haven’t been able to fly without wearing a mask for over a year. And even if you’re a first-time flyer during this period, there are signs. You’re told during the check-in process. There are announcements. And if you make it through security and to your gate without wearing a mask, your airline will generally offer you one.

What possesses people to act surprised by the requirement? And what makes them think that standing their ground is going to be effective – that they’ll be able to take off and travel without the mask they’ve been told they have to wear, especially once law enforcement board the aircraft? And even if they can manage it, what’s the calculation that this is worth it?

Austin-area Congressman Chip Roy can get away with it but U.S. airlines are now wards of the state after more than $79 billion in taxpayers subsidies over the past year and a half. The rest of us? Challenging the mask rule outside of court just often will not end well.

Twenty three year odl Adelaide Schrowang, though, thought she could pull it off on a Delta flight from Fort Myers. She refused to keep her mask over her nose and mouth while on the aircraft, and eventually police were brought to address it after she allegedly spit on passengers, as Live and Let’s Fly writes.

She challenges the officers’ “right to put [their] hands on [her]…as a humane that is alive.” And she tells them she “want[s] to trust [them]” but their insistence she leave the aircraft is “not healing.”

The woman does make one interesting point a minute and thirty seconds into the video. She points out that she was just old by the officers if she got off the plane without Delta having to offload the entire aircraft that she wouldn’t be arrested “so you as a cop should have to honor that.”

Police are permitted to lie to suspects all the time in interrogation. And they’re permitted to lie to get passengers to take the steps they’re requesting too. That’s one reason of many that trust of law enforcement is at a relative low point. You shouldn’t trust what a police officer tells you and you shouldn’t ever talk to police.

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  1. Here is one person I don’t mind being dragged off an airplane.

    And doesn’t labelling her as a “Florida woman” seem redundant. I think we all knew where she lives.

  2. Another Floridian. Dumbfk can’t even put on the mask as she pleads the case on honoring not being arrested. America continues to sink to new lows daily.

  3. You should always follow cops instructions to the letter. They are not there to debate you.
    They have guns and can legally shoot you.
    Just sayin’…..

  4. Walk your talk buddy. Do not phone 911 in your next emergency. Figure it out on your own.

  5. If the mask nonsense was repealed this wouldn’t be an issue. Time to end the madness and end all this drama that’s resulting from muzzling people.

  6. @Nosey Parker
    I pay for ATT. I can criticize them all I want. I can call them too (when it works!)

    Likewise I pay for the cops salaries. You’re sure as hell I can call them when I need their service and criticize them when they’re out of line.
    And unlike with ATT, I don’t have the option of not paying their salaries.

  7. @James

    I 100% agree. Ditto for speeding laws. We wouldn’t have nearly the number of traffic stops if we didn’t have those nonsense traffic laws on the books. Time to end that madness and drama that’s resulting from telling what Americans can do with THEIR vehicles on publicly funded roads!

  8. James,

    Yeah but…. it hasn’t ended. That’s the point. Or do we just need to listen to the laws/rules/regulations we like?

    Personally, I’m ok with doing away with the mask mandate. I’ll still wear one on a plane and certain other situations but…..as virtually all (well over 90%) of those currently being hospitalized and/or dying from CoVid seem to be of the….non-mask-wearing and no-vax variety… I look forward to Sept 13th as winter closes in

    I don’t much care for the masks either….. I like dying and/or not being able to breathe less. But I don’t get why anti-vax…. I have 5G all the time now!

  9. @Gene. I think you meant she should stop listening to Pelosi and Newsom. Both are proven Anti-masker with videos and photos as proof.

  10. Terrible behavior has been exacerbated by all phones having video cameras. Too many knuckleheads will accept a minimal court penalty to go viral.

  11. @Gene, Maybe she was watching MSDNC and XiNN day and night with those Texas Democrat lawmakers flying with NO mask.

    Maybe you are one of those Do as I say, NOT as I do.

  12. How about a human right of not being spit on? For me she loses any chance for a high ground (if there ever was any) at the point of taking that action.

  13. @ ForgetCA @ Black Hill — Maybe you didn’t read Gary’s entire post. She knew the rules from check-in, where she agreed to correctly wear a mask, covering her nose and mouth, for her entire time in the airport, lounge, jet bridge, and aircraft, except while eating/drinking. If she doesn’t want to follow those rules, she is not permitted to travel on the plane. Acting like an asshat and delaying everyone else is not proper behavior.

  14. What Gene says ! – Anyway – Hope the willfully ignorant clown enjoys riding the Greyhound going forward.

  15. What Jonathan said,
    “Her being dragged off the flight was a healing process for the rest of the passengers. Nuff said”
    Ha ha that was funny.

  16. There are about 2 and half people flying every day. And everyone – well, most – are wearing masks, even when they really don’t need to (natural immunity, fully vaccinated). What surprises me to no end, we don’t have our elected representatives swamped with complaints and demands, via Congress, to stop the idiocy. September 13th date makes no sense, might as well be Aug. 13 or July 20. The date was pulled out of some gov’t moron’s a$$. But 2,500,000 every day have to abide by it.

  17. If you are scared of people not wearing masks you shouldn’t get on an airplane. Pretty easy solution.

  18. Re Jerry’s statement- Easy provided ones cognitive, reasoning , empathy and minimum concern for the greater good are less than an onion.. No one enjoys masking up ….period – The pure true perspective for the need to wear a mask while flying on government regulated transportation is simply NOT ABOUT YOU or how YOU personally feel about masks, rules and public health standards. Its about the 99% of your fellow citizens who understand the commitment YOU make to observe & follow the health & safety standards when YOU CHOOSE to utilize public transportation.
    Utilizing your convoluted egocentric reasoning- If you are incapable of basic empathy and scared of following the basic health & safety standards then YOU can CHOOSE not to fly !

  19. Poor little spoiled 23 year old brat! You’re an ADULT now. Grow up and Mask up just like the crew asked you to do and you would have been able to fly. Respect what they tell you or you’ll end up going to jail. Period.

    We’re all sick and tired of wearing masks. If everybody would just get the vaccination this thing would be squashed like a bug and our lives would return to normal ASAP !

  20. Gennady,

    People HAVE been swamping their Congressman to stop the idiocy. We’ve been telling them to ust kick the dumbasses off the planes, arrest them, if necessary, and put them on a no-fly list until the mandate is over.

    The date was pretty planned out, actually. If you’d have listened to the sciency guys explain how they came to that date, you’d get why. It wasn’t, and still isn’t, meant to be an exact date for safety but rather a reasonable date at which we could expect a majority of the country to fly safely.

    I get that the mathy and sciency stuff aren’t a strong suit for you….or people of your ilk….but we get it. Pretty easy stuff.

    That being said, I do support getting rid of the mandate. At the moment, nearly 100% of those still getting sick, hospitalized and/or dying ……are Trumptards. So I’m all for letting them prove Darwin right.

  21. WHY do they waste time trying to reason with these idiots? Tell them once. When they try to launch into their drivel, cuff em and frog march them off the plane.

    Quit wasting everyone else’s time and giving these whackamoles a platform.

    One and done. Buh bye.

  22. Yes florida where the rolling average of new covid cases is twice that of any other state in the country. The maskless wonders must be soo proud.

  23. Re Roman Scott comment – Well I suppose one could conclude the red states / Q-tRumptards and anti-vaxxers are experiencing a self imposed culling of herd? – Unfortunately these willfully ignorant dolts are dragging many down with them.

  24. Franklin,

    No doubt. But, listening to reporting this morning that over 99% of the deaths are [Retrumplitards)…. I feel for the innocents that will still die despite being smart about this, however, I take some solace in the death numbers being where they should be.

    Plus….. I love having 5G all the time now!

  25. It is called mental illness. She needs a psych assessment and meds. Jail will not be pleasant for her.

    She obviously is not rational and has no concept of socially acceptable behavior. Not her first time at the “rodeo”.

    The mask policy is in place and it does not matter if we like it or not. What makes her so special that she can ignore a rule that she agreed to when she bought her ticket? She spit on other passengers? Nice going. I guess she thought that her babbling to the Police Officers would be a win/win.

    Hope it was worth it. She will be banned from Delta Airlines forever and most probably will be put on the “no fly list” by TSA/DHS.

    It is a good thing that the passengers and flight crew did not have to listen to any more of her Manson like rantings. Buh-bye.

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