Woman Sues Over Burns On Her Butt Caused By Two Passengers Arguing Over Barking Dog

JetBlue has their fair share of inflight passenger incidents, it’s probably all those Florida flights (strangely Lufthansa doesn’t have nearly as many, despite being based in Germany).

JetBlue’s Vegas flights also are ground zero because, well, Vegas.

Michelle Lavin of New York is “putting JetBlue on the legal hot seat” over an incident on a Las Vegas flight that occurred over Labor Day weekend in 2014, but she’s only just now suing.

She claims “the airline torched her keister with hot tea” causing her to suffer third degree burns on her butt. She says the tea she was given didn’t have the lid secured. It was filled to the top. And it was super hot.

Here’s the ‘magic bullet’ explanation for how the tea burned her bum.

  • A man sitting several rows back starts shouting at another female passenger “to shut up her barking dog.”

  • That woman “went bonkers” and it caught our passenger’s attention.

    “She just screamed. It was insanely loud, like a horror movie. I got very nervous and everybody turned around and it was frightening,” Lavin recalled.

  • She bumped her tray table as she turned to look at the passengers screaming at each other.

  • Bumping the tray table kocked over the tea.

    It felt “like my pants were on fire,” Lavin said.

    “I screamed at the top of my lungs. The pain was unreal. Every time I tried to stand, they said, ‘We need you to go sit down.’

Flight attendants “offered her ice and aspirin” but the woman didn’t think they were taking her injuries seriously “[s]o she dropped her drawers for them.

She says at that point flight attendants became nicer, they were ‘horrified’ and acknowledged her injuries. JetBlue offered to have a stretcher waiting at the gate for her. But she says the reason for her suit is that she was poorly treated and JetBlue didn’t take her injuries seriously. Her attorney is her uncle.

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  1. I don’t blame her at all for suing JetBlue – thanks to Jetblue staff, now nobody wants to tap that ASS.

  2. In an ironic dog-related twist, her attorney later amended the suit, claiming emotional distress from the inability to enjoy doggy-style sex for an extended period.

  3. Somebody just browsed the internet and found out about stella award. Hey! I could probably make some money too…. typical american…. lol

  4. Michelle Lavin bumped her tray table when she turned to look at the screaming passengers, knocking over the tea.

    Caused her own injury!

  5. Blisters, so 2nd degree. The rest of the area looks to be 1st. I’m not saying it’s not 3rd, but I do’n’t see the evidence.

  6. I still would like to see all animals save service animals banned from the passenger cabins. I doubt anxious or otherwise discomfited passengers travelling with comfort animals are dealing with PTSD. Perhaps such passengers could be given teddy bears and/or coloring books.

  7. If she sues she won´t get more than $250,000,000 – such is the state of the American legal stystem.

  8. Several hours inside an aluminum tube with a barking dog and I’d need the Teddy Bear and coloring book . . . maybe even a Happy Meal. How is it acceptable to have a passenger seated next to you with a barking dog when I seriously doubt that the pet owner would tolerate the passenger barking at them for the entire flight?

  9. I feel bad for all of the dogs and cats dragged onto planes..It is soo stressful for them- they get upset agitated and some even run around in circles…very sad for them and their not nice parent passengers being so selfish!!!!

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