Woman Uncontrollably Calls on Jesus After Mechanical Delay

Cayman Airways flight KX620 from Grand Cayman to Kingston, Jamaica was delayed about an hour and 15 minutes on Monday. The plane pushed back but an issue with one of the Boeing 737’s engines forced the flight to return to its gate.

In response to the delay “one male passenger started chanting and praying and was getting louder and louder” and then a woman onboard ‘caught the spirit’,

Catching the spirit is something that some Christians believe in. It is a colloquial term meaning that she was feeling the spirit of the holy ghost which apparently can lead some persons to talk in tongues and jump for joy.

The woman jumps and yells “Hallelujah” and “Jesus” over and over. In the background some of the other passengers get into it too.

Meanwhile flight attendants try to calm her down and a passenger joins in the effort as well.
The woman was removed from the aircraft.

I’m most impressed that the mechanical combined with this ‘passenger service issue’ meant a delay of only 73 minutes.

(HT: Secret Flying)

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  1. Sorry, the J man and all his mystical powers were otherwise occupied … in Tenerife, with JAL Flight 123, and with the flights on September 11th.

  2. Oh memories! This video takes me back to my 13 years living on Grand Cayman. I’ve seen Jesus “take people over” many times. Hopefully everyone got an extra Rum Punch for their troubles.

    BTW, there are no gates. It’s all remote stair boarding.

  3. I used to fly Prinair between St. Croix and Puerto Rico, and inevitably the person across the aisle from me said the rosary for the entire flight. (With those planes, I didn’t really mind it.)

  4. Question did her actions happen before they found the plane mechanical issue or after ? I mean did her causing the delay lead to them finding the plane mechanical issue ?

  5. The air line and people can complain but because of that they found the mechanical problems. The air line and the medias should say that. Thank you Jesus, otherwise could be a tragedy.


  7. Dont make light of the Lords plan had this lady not minded God and gave him praise it could have been terrible. Dont ever make fun of someone praising God only God knows the intentions of the heart.

  8. Why would the passengers be advised about maintenance issues?
    She couldn’t have known
    about the problem. No need to know.

  9. Jesus,Jesus,Jesus! Ok some said the mechanical issue was before she started praising our lord and Savior ,and some say after. But ether way if before the issue was notice than we can all say God was in control. If she started after they all knew about the issues, well God was still in control! Who’s to say th delay, attention she was bringing to the aircraft may have prevented someone from doing something evil? But to put it in another direction, we all are talking about JESUS!!! And this world needs more of it!
    John 3:16
    Matthew 11:28

  10. God Almighty cares for his creation we must never ignore the Holy Spirit when He whispers in our heart really if walk according to what people will say we will miss His mercys .I have learned to listen unto him in all situations

  11. In you Lord we take refuge,let us never be put to shame and deliver us in your righteousness… Amen!!! Psalms 31:1.

    Whether you believe in Him or no, He(Our Lord And Personal Saviour “Jesus Christ of Nazareth”) is the reason those souls were not wiped away!!!! That’s a great warning call onto humanity… We’ve got a place to go after here!!!! So REPENT!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thank you Jesus our Lord! This is a good sign for people to reafirm their belief in Jesus the son of God making a miracle.

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