Passenger Attacks Officer in Miami Airport Security Line. Ends Badly for Passenger.

A man was arrested in Miami’s airport on Wednesday after attacking a homeland security officer at a TSA checkpoint on the airport’s D concourse which serves American Airlines around 12:30 p.m.

The two men fought to the floor as Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents helped wrestle him to the ground. It is believed that the officer used a stun gun on the suspect in order to take him into custody.

The passenger had approached the uniformed officer and began shouting, “You don’t want me! You don’t want me!” and “slapped at the officer’s hands.” The officer took out his baton.

The man reportedly began his journey into stardom by yelling “random things” at other passengers waiting at the check-in counters.

A minute into this video posted on Twitter shows the altercation from another angle.

The assailant was placed in handcuffs and put into an ambulance outside the airport.

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  1. seems few have a clue ( read the little book that came with their phones) on how to hold the phone for full screed recording.

  2. TSA thugs love to use excessive and unnecessary force . . . because they can, and have no accountability to anybody.

  3. According to the article, who he attacked was a “Miami-Dade police officer”. An important distinction, since I didn’t think TSA “officers” carry stun guns or other weapons.

  4. Mak. It’s People like you that are the problem in this country always blaming the people that are trying to keep other people safe

  5. How many terrorist organization just learned out to bring every officer in an airport into one concentrated place? In this case, there were 10 officers that just didn’t want to miss the fun rather than consider security in other areas.

  6. @Mak – First, it wasn’t TSA. Second, the guy assaulted an officer. That’s illegal, in case you didn’t know it. If people would stop breaking the law this wouldn’t be a thing.

  7. I think the poor guy unfortunately has a mental illness and he had an episode. I feel sorry for him and hope gets the help he requires.

    I believe the security officials handled this situation perfectly, and kudos to them for that.

  8. @larry
    I have news for you: TSA doesn’t keep you safe. They are mostly incompetent individuals who often go on power trips.

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