World Economic Forum Forces Airbnb Hosts To Cancel Reservations

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • A Wordle clone for airport codes or so they say, I haven’t been willing to pay attention to what Wordle is other than seeing funny little colorful graphics showing up in my social feed.

  • Boeing made a $450 million investment in an air taxi company for its pilotless technology that holds the promise of reducing accidents by 80%.

  • Tracking Elon Musk’s flights (HT: Jonathan W)

  • When hotels have tried to cancel on me due to a buy out they’ev moved me to other properties, in suites, and thrown in additional credits. Airbnb’s good luck. And in.. Davos?

  • Facade of The Standard Hotel in New York literally falling apart (HT: Jonathan W)

  • Behind the scenes of Washington Dulles airport lost and found (WaPo)

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  1. Let’s start a GoFundMe to send Gary to Davos so that he can ask World Leaders about point-devaluation. He can use his own Membership Rewards points to get there, we just need to chip in enough to get a Ford Fiesta rental car he can sleep in.

  2. He can easily use his elite status to force availability
    Of which Marriott will likely say sorry we have a blackout for those dates or
    Special circumstances clause

  3. WEF is a business. And the people who manage WEF are very well paid.

    They branded themselves well and get big money to run a schmooze fest that is to a very large extent a pay-to-play event.

  4. I thought when you go to the WEF and there are no hotels you are forced to sleep on your private jet.

  5. Andrew Lawton needs both to get over himself and to stop spinning conspiracy theories, if he wants to be considered a credible independent journalist. The simplest explanation is usually correct; as he said himself, “Obviously they want enough rooms for attendees.” There will be plenty of accredited independent journalists attending and covering WEF whenever it occurs after its postponement, but the independent media may not include self-important, navel-gazing bloggers like Lawton, unless he willing to pay market rates for the limited supply of available rooms during a period of high demand.

  6. @sitroomlarry says “There will be plenty of accredited independent journalists attending and covering WEF”

    Does “accredited independent” mean what it sounds like?

    The “independent” journalists at the event will have been hand picked and accredited for attendance and lodging by the people who run the event? If they write something unflattering will still be independent next year, but will they be accredited again?

    And are you saying that he can get a hotel room at (high) market rates? So rooms are available? shows zero rooms available at the moment.

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