Crowded American Airlines Charlotte Club Now Has Lines To Get In

The main Admirals Club in Charlotte is closed for renovations. Some travelers had hopes this would mean improving the club, still in US Airways-style, but it doesn’t. The updates which will take several months are about bringing the space up to fire code.

Unfortunately there wasn’t enough club lounge space in Charlotte to begin with and the airport which has only one other Admirals Club was desperately in need of another two. Before the pandemic American had scaled to 900 flights a day at DFW airport – and opened a 5th club. Charlotte was up to 700 flights and had just two clubs, now down to one (and a ‘service center’ with bottled drinks, packaged snacks and agents to assist with rebookings). The Charlotte terminal itself is more crowded than Dallas.

With only the smaller B concourse club available for passengers to spend time in while waiting for flights, it’s become overrun. While there have been some members talking about a ‘wait list’ to get in, an American Airlines spokesperson explains, “a representative manages the line outside of the Admirals Club. The rep will let guests in as others leave. First come first serve for our members.”

Charlotte has a crowded Centurion lounge and two Minute Suites at the airport. Priority Pass cards provide an hour in a minute suites, a place with peace and quiet that promotes you can take your mask off while you’re inside. I recommend pre-booking a space through their app to maximize chances of availability.

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  1. Nothing like buying in to the idea of false luxury.

    May as well be a zombie hoard, or a plague of locusts

  2. I had to chuckle when I walked by that line the other day. Poor saps actually waiting to get into that dreadful room.

  3. Do I smell a class action lawsuit against citibank for the Executive credit card that charges a hefty fee for the false promise of Admirals Club entrance?

  4. Thinking that this is contributing to the crowding in the Centurion Lounge. Since the club closed for renovations, the Centurion has been packed. I’m amazed at how many people have Amex Platinum or Black, including teenagers

  5. AmEx club at McCarren LAS has longer lines. Been by the waiting line twice and some were waiting 90 mins to get in. Why? Not worth it.

  6. Bill Sell, add these considerations to your 90-minute Amex wait: 1) you are not allowed into an Amex lounge more than 2 hours (I think) prior to your flight time and 2) boarding is 30 minutes prior to your flight time. What’s the point? Given access to lounges afforded via tier status and / or cabin class, I have never really found a compelling argument for the Amex lounges. And, one can find equal or better overall deals for air / hotel bookings.

  7. @Reno Joe – you can get in Centurion 3 hours before your flight and any time on connections

    @Fred – class action? LMFAO. Nothing was promised and closed due to building codes. Good luck getting an ambulance chaser to take that on

    BTW there is a Club CLT under construction in Terminal A which will hopefully open by mid year

  8. My solution has been to avoid all connections at CLT. Fortunately I often have that option. Most do not.

    Sad to hear that the big AC will not be upgraded. It was a loud, crowded, and threadbare. I have thought it must be a culture shock for international OW elites to fly in or out of CLT and to be shown to a that dump of a lounge.

    So now that “The New LGA” has opened CLT is now the hands down the worst big airport in the US. With the worst OneWorld lounges on Earth.

    What First World Problems we have!


  9. People on the Internet: “AA’s lounges at CLT suck and need to be updated.”

    Same people on the Internet: “How dare AA close one lounge to renovate it. I now have to wait. Terrible airline.”

    *Yes, I know this is just a small refresh and updates for code, not a wholesale renovation. Yes I know AA is not adding more club space at CLT.

  10. AA has a captive audience in Charlotte. They hold something like 75-80% of gates. Airfares are higher because of a lack of competition in CLT. AA isn’t motivated to spend money in CLT.

  11. @Mets Fan in NC: Last time I checked, 91+% of flights (more important than # of gates) were AA. It’ is hub-captive hell. And if there was ever anything to prove it, it is the closing of the largest (by FAR!) of only 2 clubs at the 6th busiest airport in the U.S.!

  12. My solution for the past four years has been to avoid connecting through CLT. Four years ago I said CLT looked was like taking the worst of LGA and ORD. Now I can’t say that about LGA. CLT is depressing and the staff don’t care about providing any type of decent customer service.

  13. Those of us that live in Charlotte have no choice. Actually not bad as originating airport and I have never had an issue getting into the Centurion Lounge. Dropped my Admirals Club membership when I retired and about the same time Amex announced a Centurion Lounge would be opening

  14. You guys are comical… all this fuss over ONE airport lounge. Guess what? AA has a lot more! Sorry for the inconvenience of a few months. Plus, who the hell spends a bunch of time in CLT anyway? Most of the time you have a 40 minute connection at best. Suck it up buttercups, there’s worse things going on right now believe it or not. Hell, Delta doesn’t even have a lounge.. lets talk about that 🙂

  15. I plan to go thru there in April on my way to Vegas… 2 hr. Layover. Maybe I should look into Philly. (Coming from PWM, Maine.

  16. @Langdon:

    To avoid the CLT crowds I route through PHL or DCA whenever possible, and would do so with or without an AC membership. Give it a shot. The new DCA is much easier to get around and the PHL lounges are very pleasant, as I recall.

  17. Typical of the USAir retreads ruining American Airlines. To hell with their core long time customers and don’t make any contingency plans when any moron could foresee the impact when closing the largest Admirals Club for an extended time. All that bailout money that is leftover and yet this mess. Oh well, CLT is a model for awful hubs to transit, especially in you are going Mainline to Eagle and a place to avoid if possible.

  18. yall book travel thru CLT knowing full well the club is closed….. IF your life revolves around a club visit then you need to look outside and go enjoy life. Hug your spouse and love your children again.

    I may be an AA skeptic, even this is another poor example of elitests playing the cry-baby card. The new club is a much needed remodel and what would you prefer? 6 mo closed and DONE or 1-2 years partially opened and full of construction? Either you idiots will continue to complain.

    may you forever sit in last row middle seats.

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