Wyndham Changes its Hotel Award Categories Tomorrow, Better Act Fast and Book TODAY

A couple of months ago Wyndham devalued points transfers to miles without notice.

Last year they devalued their hotel redemptions.

So it’s with some trepidation that we await tomorrow when they will apparently be shifting around which hotels fall into the various redemption categories.

No advance list of hotels changing categories has been shared. (In the past it’s taken member outrage to wrestle a list of changes in advance, so perhaps that explains why we got only about a day’s notice, buried in an email, that they’d be changing hotel category assignments again.)

If you have designs on any Wyndham hotel redemptions, better make them today, just in case. You may not like what tomorrow brings.

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  1. Funny this comes after they sold hundreds of thousands of points through daily getaways and before anyone actually gets their points.

    Wyndham is not a trustworthy program. At this point, it’s a fool me twice situation. I have no interest in their program anymore. They are second rate all the way. A bottom feeder that will perhaps survive in the US with airport locations that require you to check in behind 15 airline crew paying cheap contracted rates and subpar city locations booked by people on orbitz and priceline who don’t know any better. They must be doing something right somewhere in the world, because their stock is doing ok. But either way, they get none of my business. I’d rather stay at La Quinta.

  2. Yeah, that’s exactly why their Daily Getaways points were left sitting on the table. Shady! This program is not to be trusted.

  3. This is terrible. I actually bought 120,000 points to use at Dream Miami Beach/Dream New York which has exceptional value during peak weekends. Only 1/2 my points have posted from the daily getaway. If they advance Dream to category 9… screwed. Do you think a complaint will help?

  4. @charles to be honest, I don’t think a company who doesn’t care enough to notify members before changes is going to care about a few complaints.

  5. I bought 60k points Monday and they have yet to post so I called in to the member service number. They weren’t able to tell me when my points would post, and they also said they did not have a list of those changing tiers. However, I did know what hotel I wanted to use my points on, so they contacted that hotel directly and asked them if they were changing tiers. Luckily, mine is not changing, so it shouldn’t matter if it takes a few days for mine to post. Might be worth a call if your points haven’t posted yet and you know where you want to use them.

  6. @Charles: Yes, a polite, reasonable request could help. Call the hotel to see if they know if they’re changing categories.

  7. Because of the bloggers nonstop making non senses, more victims to come. Shame on you.

  8. It’s not good deal in the first place. This program sucks, not trusted. You bloggers didn’t make the change, nor you didn’t know. However, you guys should ve done a better job deep dive the risk of those crappy program via daily getaway deal. As far as I concern, reminding us everyday doesn’t make sense at all. There are tons of idiots just follow whatever you guys say, literally victims.

    If you will get paid, even worse. If not, pls stop., period.

  9. @Ben To be clear, I did not promote buying Wyndham points via Daily Getaways and have only mentioned Daily Getaways in the context of saying I’m not especially impressed by their offerings this year.

    And – in as I link to in the post above – I declared the program untrustworthy earlier this year.

    So I’m not really sure what you want me to do, or think I should have done and didn’t do.

  10. @Ben I don’t know how you can use a blanket statement and say these aren’t good deals. I purchased 60k Wyndham points for $360. The hotel I wish to stay at costs $169/night plus tax or 14k points. So, for 3 nights, it is going to cost me 42k points. Had I just paid for the rooms, I would have spent over $510 and I still have 18k points left over. How is this not a good deal?

  11. @Kevin, you got a good deal and luckily tier didn’t change once you called them, it doesn’t mean all people purchased the points on Monday will have a better value after tomorrow the devaluation. only those who purchased the points will tell.

    @gary, I appreciate your open discussion in this forum. however, like I said, there are too many people will jump in any deal in your blog without even thinking. W program is an example, they deliberated to sell large bulk of points and not posted after the devaluation. the person who apparently is infamous Robin Korman who is famous with driving revenue vs customer services.
    my point is no need to remind us everyday, one or two posts good enough, make sense?

  12. @ben I am still not following, you say that “there are too many people will jump in any deal in your blog without even thinking.” But I didn’t mention buying Wyndham points via Daily Getaways at all that I can recall. And you think I don’t need to be reminding every day, “one or two posts good enough” but I sure thought I did that (see posts linked above in this one).

    In other words, I *think* your beef might be with other blogs, and not with this one?

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