Huge 200% Bonus on Purchased Avianca LifeMiles Through Friday Only

Last December Avianca’s LifeMiles (one of the unknown frequent flyer programs you should pay attention to) offered triple miles on purchased miles for one day only. It was a targeted promotion, but many people who called were able to successfully take advantage of the offer that hadn’t been targeted for it..

GlobetrotterHQ reports that this offer is back through May 23. Again, it’s targeted, but some may find it worth calling to try to take advantage of even if they didn’t receive an email about the offer (and hang up, call back).

It’s available over the phone (and in person) only and not online.

  • Only one purchase can be made during this promotion
  • Min 1000 miles; Max 20,000 miles purchased
  • Must have received the email
  • Cannot exceed 150,000 purchased miles in a year (includes bonuses from buying miles)
  • He also reports that the standard price of purchased miles from Lifemiles will be going up to $33 per 1000 miles on October 1.

    When Avianca joined Star Alliance I declared their program the most generous in the alliance. After United’s February devaluation, that’s likely true. They are part of my “Devaluation Plan B” which is to look to international frequent flyer programs for value if and when US programs devalue further.

    There are no fuel surcharges, they offer one-way awards which are priced reasonably, and as with this offer they sell miles cheap. They also offer ‘cash and points’ which means that as long as you have 40% of the miles needed for an award you can buy the rest at the time of redemption for just over 1.5 cents apiece.

    That said, their call centers are frustrating (if you can wait a day for a reply, they’re better over e-mail) and they don’t permit “mixed cabin” redemption — so if you are redeeming a transatlantic business class award, all segments need to be in business class (including domestic US flights, and intra-Europe flights).

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    1. Just tried for two accounts and agent wouldn’t let me. If you’ve bought miles in the past there’s a slim chance you’ll qualify for this offer.

    2. And that makes three. Agent kindly offered me the 2×1 promotion, but no 3×1.

    3. Called but was told my account does not show I would be eligible for the 3×1. But confirmed that if I was, I could buy 20k at 3×1 and then still use the 2×1.

    4. Just bought 20k x 3. And was targeted. Those NOT targeted don’t bother. They DO cross check!

    5. You should really edit this post to indicate this is targeted. Was just shut down by the call center. They said it was only for people with expired miles.

    6. @stvr edit? the word targeted appears twice in the second sentence and is bolded in the third sentence

    7. Do not bother if you didn’t get the email. I called. Waited one hour on hold. Gave my number, and she said I wasn’t targeted.

      I got the same email from GlobeTrotterHQ but wanted to check it out before I got any hopes up.

    8. I didn’t actually get an email from him, or if I did I haven’t checked that account yet today!

    9. Went to the Avianca office in NYC today. They showed me their internal web site info (in Spanish) on the 3X. I was told it said you had to have 0 (zero) miles in your account and it had to be inactive back to 2012 to get the 3X. So I just bought some at 2X, which is still around until the end of the month

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