Yemeni Rebels Report Attacking Abu Dhabi Airport With Drones, UAE Denies It

Like Syria, Yemen is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The UAE is generally aligned with the Saudis.

On Thursday Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels claimed to attack the Abu Dhabi airport with drones. They didn’t do major damage, instead they content they demonstrated their ability to fly drones to attack critical UAE infrastructure.

The UAE has a U.S. THAAD missile defense system. And there’s some skepticism over whether Yemeni rebels have the ability to fly Sammad-3 drones over 900 miles.

The UAE denies the attack occurred, but an incident described as involving a supply vehicle was tweeted out by the airport. Several flights appear to have been delayed.

A Houthi general declared, “Our attack on Abu Dhabi airport shows our forces are no paper tiger like our enemies claim.”

Oddly though no photo or video evidence has emerged of the attack. Now that everyone has cell phones with the ability to record incidents in real time, we don’t hear as much about UFOs. When I was a senior in high school the national finals of debate were held in Fargo, North Dakota. In the final round of competition my opponents and I good naturedly ribbed each other over which would get to go cow tipping. But if you search YouTube there’s no actual proof cow tipping ever happens. If there’s no video, it must not be real?

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  1. You might want to back up your very first sentence “Like Syria, Yemen is a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.” Although both populations are being slaughtered, the contexts, circumstances, and players are not the same (Russia, Turkey, Israel, etc.) Also, you should add nuances and take responsibility that the US and UK governments are supporting, at least technologically, the slaughter of the Yemenis…
    This will help force your own reflections on the humanitarian crises in the region (and elsewhere) that the US has a big hand in aiding…

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