Young Child Jumps On Baggage Carousel While Tossing Luggage

A young child was “running riot and jumping on a moving baggage carousel while throwing luggage on the ground” at Melbourne airport. After a long flight he probably had excess energy, and what better playground than baggage claim?

The child, who was filmed by another traveller, was seen leaping onto the conveyor belt and sprinting around the carousel, while a woman – presumed to be his mother – yelled at him to get down.

…“Get off, get down now!” the woman yelled at him, as he responded “no” and continued to jump around the moving carousel.

I can only imagine the strife that the parents were going through, as the probably-too-tired child was simply unwilling to listen, and airport staff threatened to call police if they didn’t get matters under control. The kid did get down after police were mentioned, though!

A 9 year old boy dove onto a baggage conveyor belt and got caught in the Minneapolis – St. Paul baggage system. He was fine, while a two year old who took a ride on the bag belt behind Spirit Airlines check-in in Atlanta received minor injuries. Neither one was punished by authorities. What their parents said later I do not know. However the lead singer of Puddle of Mud was arrested for riding the baggage carousel in Denver.

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  1. Several years ago, at one of the London airports, I saw what seemed to be a security (or possibly a border guard) “sniffer dog” who had apparently been trained to “ride” a flat luggage conveyor belt. The dog pretty much stayed in one spot (relative to the non-moving “ground”). After sniffing a each piece of luggage, the dog would sort of jump over it (jumping toward the portal the luggage was coming from), then sniff the next item. I presume the dog was searching for drugs. A human K9 “minder” was on “solid ground” sort of “beside” the dog.

    It was impressive. And it looked like the dog was enjoying its work.

  2. the kid didn’t look too tired out to me to have that level of energy, but I bet his mom was.

  3. This is a kid who hasn’t been properly punished for disobeying his parents, no lame excuses for his behaviour such as he was ‘too tired’. But come on, haven’t we all wished we could ride around sitting on a big suitcase … waving at the crowd like on a Rose Parade float?

  4. This is UNTHINKABLE.

    If I EVER thought to do this, my parents would have backhanded me in public, eyes on me all the while, maliciously promising more horrible things to come.

    I bet in some countries, a child trying this might have ended up shot, with their parents soon to follow.

  5. AA will now ban them for flying and the Mom will come here and complain the banning was not justified.

    “Just one chip”

  6. I will not going to pass judgment on the kid or parent/s. Unfortunately, kids are not born with an instruction book about how to be raised, disciplined, etc., so most parents are doing the best they can. Hopefully the mom’s day got better at some point.

  7. Obviously jsn55, sees no other way to get children to behave other than beating them. What a complete psychopath. Obviously the parents are too stupid to understand how to be able to control their children. But if the first fucking thing you say is “this child hasn’t been properly punished for misbehaving”, you’re an idiot. If you have children I feel bad for them. I’m guessing you were “properly punished” as a child, huh?

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