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BOOKMARK THIS: Free Airline Flight Availability Tool

Jan 30 2017

Here’s a free online website that will show you what flights have seats for sale, and the availability in various fare buckets.

This is useful because you often want to find flights with seats available when your flight gets cancelled and you want to find other plans to suggest to an airline instead of just relying on them to figure out how to get you home.

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Great Reward Value: Your Own Villa With Private Pool in the Desert for Very Little Points

Jan 29 2017

Last week when Rob Burgess flagged the amazing redemption value of Al Wadi resort — all villas with their own private pools that is part of Marriott — I went ahead and made a booking for an upcoming brief stay in the UAE.

It used to be a Banyan Tree and now it’s part of Ritz-Carlton. This hotel costs just 40,000 Marriott Rewards points per night. Starwood points transfer to Marriott. So I had about 48,000 Marriott points in my account. I transferred 24,000 Starwood points over (at 1-to-3), and that gave me 120,000 Marriott points which is enough for 3 nights.

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Another Delta IT Meltdown Causing Nationwide Ground Stop

delta plane runway
Jan 29 2017

According to the FAA Delta has requested a nationwide ground stop for its mainline and “sub-carriers.” This ground stop applies to domestic destinations only.

This comes one week after United’s computers melted down and isn’t the first time it’s happened to Delta, either. Back in August they falsely blamed a power outage for problems.

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British Airways Upgrades Passenger Who Tackled Drunk Russian on Flight to Bangkok

Jan 29 2017

A Russian passenger onboard British Airways flight BA9 on January 21 from London Heathrow to Bangkok became “very aggressive” after drinking his own duty free whiskey and additional drinks served by flight attendants.

Video shows passengers taking him down. The plane didn’t divert despite a couple of hours to go on the flight. One man reported a business class upgrade, though, on the way back as a reward for his heroism.

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Despite What You’ve Heard Most of Trump’s Executive Orders on Travel Haven’t Been Stopped

passport getting stamped
Jan 29 2017

We don’t yet know the manner or extent to which the administration will comply with court orders staying portions of the immigration Executive Order. Regardless, not all of the Executive Order was stopped. And not all of the actions taken by the current administration that will affect travel and the rights of travelers was contained solely in that Executive Order on immigration.

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American Fixes Broken Upgrade System: Here’s Why Elites Haven’t Been Clearing Before the Airport

back of airline seats
Jan 28 2017

I’ve heard from myriad readers the past two and a half weeks saying that American Airlines no longer seems to clear upgrades before the airport anymore. Planes could be completely empty up front, on flights with little last minute premium demand, and where upgrades had previously cleared in advance.

Several days to a week ago I heard from a source that there had been a technical glitch that was preventing upgrades from being processed, but that this issue had been resolved.

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