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Here are the 8 Most Lucrative Cities in the World for Airlines

Oct 31 2017

The sibylline Brian Sumers tweets a oneworld slide claiming that data supports the claim they’re the preferred alliance of customers who spend the most money. When all it really says is that oneworld has a presence in high yield cities but since they’re smaller than Star Alliance they don’t have as big a presence in lower yield cities also.

The real takeaway from the data, though, are which cities have the biggest concentrations of premium cabin customers.

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Singapore Airlines Will Serve $300 Vintage Krug in First and Suites Class

Oct 31 2017

Krug Grande Cuvée is an excellent champagne, and several airlines serve it in international first class. It’s a blend of wines from 10 or more vintages and from a combination of pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot meunier. And it’s cellared for at least six years. You’ll often pay $160 or more in a bottle shop.

However Singapore Airlines is introducing Krug 2004 “on all First Class and Suites flights where both” Dom Perignon and Krug are normally served.

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12,000 Bonus Miles for Online Shopping

Oct 30 2017

If you’re going to spend money shopping, shop online if you can and start off clicking on merchants through a rewards shopping portal to earn cash back or miles.

One nice thing around holidays and major shopping events is mileage bonuses on top of usual earning. Back to school is a big bonus time. Another is holiday shopping. And the holiday shopping bonuses have begun.

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