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What American Airlines is Telling Employees About Their Dispute With Chicago O’Hare

Feb 28 2018

American Airlines is pissed that Chicago O’Hare expansion plans preserve United’s 14 gate advantage rather than the 9 gate advantage they say they expected after shelling out for 5 new gates themselves. At issue is O’Hare’s $8.5 billion expansion plan, and what they dub a ‘secret provision’ added in ‘at the last minute’ that gives United more gates than they thought the plan entailed. American Airlines at Chicago O’Hare Both United and American have resisted adding gates at Chicago O’Hare for years, since they have most of the gates themselves and don’t want competition. They are happy to see gates added as long as they are the ones who get the gates, and if they’re both getting gates they want to ensure neither gets an advantage over the other. United Airlines at O’Hare Things are…

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American Airlines Calls Caterers Lazy, Threatens to Make Their Own Food

plane docked
Feb 28 2018

A Miami-based flight attendant asked about building a buffer to ensure flights are properly catered, “several years ago I was called into the office because I took a 14 minute delay to wait for china plates to plate the food for Brazil. Like I’m going to shut the door and have a first class service to Brazil with no china plates, I just set the tins in front of them.”

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Chase Reveals Data Behind Sapphire Reserve Card

chase stats
Feb 28 2018

Chase revealed several interesting facts about its credit card business in an investor deck this week.

While the average FICO score is 785 that means many cardholders have lower scores, just as they have higher scores. Annual spend of $39,000 sounds high but equates to $3250/month, not low but not as intimidating. I’m intrigued that 90% of users are keeping the card after the first year.

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American Airlines Looking to Buy Used Airbus A319s

american plane in hangar
Feb 28 2018

There was a lot of discussion at an American Airlines employee Q&A about the carrier’s fleet.

Airline President Robert Isom confirms that “Newer model used aircraft are absolutely something we have an eye out for. As we take a look at where 319s are available we’re gonna be out there after them, because we want ’em”

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American Airlines Pilot Says Their New Lavatory is “The Most Miserable Experience in the World’

american lavatory
Feb 27 2018

During an airline Q&A session with employees, one pilot says of American’s new standard domestic lavatories “It’s the most miserable experience in the world.”

He continues, “I can’t turn around in it. The sink is the most miserable thing going, and you cram those people in those little tiny seats you just bragged about to the point that I can’t sit back there. As a crew member if I ever have to deadhead back there I’ll refuse because it’s just not practical.”

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