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Capital One Offering 25% Transfer Bonus to Avianca LifeMiles, More Bonuses on the Way

Jun 30 2019

Capital One has just announced a 25% bonus on all miles transferred to Avianca LifeMiles in July.

Already on their fourth transfer bonus of the year, having just launched transferable points, and Capital One notes “limited-time offers like this will be another major perk for Venture and Spark Miles account holders to take advantage of.” So we can certainly expect to see more.

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How American Airlines Is Prepared In Case Your Cell Phone Catches Fire

Jun 30 2019

While it doesn’t happen often, lithium ion batteries catch fire. The fire can usually be contained in the passenger cabin. It’s harder to deal with as cargo, which is why airlines don’t allow these sorts of batteries to travel in checked luggage.

As a result of this risk American Airlines now boards fire containment bags and heat resistant gloves on all of their aircraft.

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Free the Slots: Stop Subsidizing Airlines and Protecting Them from Competition

british airways plane
Jun 29 2019

Government-granted airline privileges are a driver of industry consolidation. The primary reason Alaska Airlines acquired Virgin America was for access to gates and slots at congested airports. Badly run carriers, that provide poor passenger experience, are protected from market discipline because more innovative startups aren’t permitted to compete and incumbents can continue earning off inferior products because passengers lack other options.

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