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This Hotel Wasn’t Exactly Lying When They Said They Had a ‘Pool Area’

Nov 30 2019

In 2001 a Hooters restaurant in Panama City ran a contest for their waitresses. The one who sold the most beer would win a Toyota. At least that’s what the manager said, or what the waitresses thought they had heard.

When Jodee Berry was announced as the winner she was led out into the parking lot of the restaurant in a blindfold. The blindfold was removed and she found her prize waiting for her: a Toy Yoda.

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Desperate Hong Kong Airlines Shuts Down Inflight Entertainment System, Can’t Pay Employees

hongkong airlines plane
Nov 30 2019

Hong Kong Airlines was troubled long before protests erupted in the Chinese Special Administrative Region, keeping travelers away. Parent HNA Group was under strict orders to deleverage, with the government concerned about over $100 billion in debt.

HNA had problems paying for fuel. They had problems meeting interest obligations. They missed a $43 million debt payment last year and offered travel vouchers instead of cash to repay its investors.

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When Can You Pick a New Flight During an American Airlines Flight Delay?

Nov 30 2019

Whenever there’s a flight delay I’ve been able to get agents – whether on the phone or in an Admirals Club – to get me rebooked. However being an Executive Platinum helps, having lounge access helps, and it can be difficult for many passengers to get through to an agent when flights go bad.

The airline has a tool to let customers rebook themselves onto new flights. It’s available on the website, using the airline’s mobile app, or at kiosks and launched two years ago. But when does the ability to rebook oneself onto a new flight become available?

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TODAY: KLM Flight Headed Back to Amsterdam After It Had Already Made It To North America

klm planes
Nov 28 2019

KLM’s Amsterdam – Mexico City flight turned around back to Amsterdam when it had already made it to North America on Thursday, sending passengers back to where they started.

If I were a passenger on the flight I certainly wouldn’t second guess the judgment not to take risks. However I’d hope to land somewhere closer to where I was headed.

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