Hyatt Offering Status Matches to Diamond on Twitter

Hyatt used to have a super generous and game-able offer where anyone with even Hilton Gold (through a credit card signup) could get temporary Diamond status complete with confirmable suite upgrades.

Park Hyatt Chennai

They eliminated that last fall, and have been on again, off again at best with select status challenges that do not ‘advance’ top tier elite status.

Now they’re back it seems.

Diamond Room Service Breakfast at the Park Hyatt Vendome, Paris

With many members worried over Marriott’s acquisition of Starwood, Hyatt took to Twitter to look for disaffected elites from other chains and offer them status matches.

It appears they are comping Diamond status through February 2017 to anyone who connects with them on Twitter and sends in an eligible elite membership card and a statement that shows one stay.

I maintain Hyatt Diamond status and am pleased. I receive (4) confirmed upgrades each year that are good for a confirmed at booking suite on any paid Hyatt rate up to 7 nights each. Hyatt has the best breakfast benefit (full restaurant breakfast for up to 4 registered guests when no club lounge is available at full service hotels).

If you have status with another hotel chain and a statement showing 1 stay or more, it’s worth messaging @HyattConcierge on Twitter.

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  1. Real Diamonds – remember those getting the temporary status the easy way are not staying in Hyatts nearly as often as you and are not going to be real competition for your perks. Hyatt is going to known who their real Diamonds are and give them the best rooms and priority. Don’t sweat it, plus use your status to get status in other programs.

  2. I have IHG Spire and they matched me to Hyatt Platinum. I suppose that’s the sad state of IHG status, and it honestly sounds about right for what each offers.

  3. Successfully matched Marriott Gold with 33 nights this year to Hyatt Diamond this afternoon. Thanks Gary.

  4. Had a good laugh off of this. My friend who is a Hyatt Diamond is pissed about this too when I told him about it. He is the type who hates sharing. Truth is if his company wasn’t flipping the bill for his business stays at Hyatt, he would probably stay at the Holiday Inn on his own dime. Probably some other disgruntled characters are the same…

  5. Just DMed them. Seems like they’re only granting platinum status NOT Diamond. I’m already GP Platinum and they couldn’t help me.

    “We would love to have you start staying with us at Hyatt! We can offer Platinum status at this time. Next steps include enrolling in GP at and simply email screen shots of your GP number, current status and proof of one stay with SPG this year, to and they will process that in about 48 hours. Thank you! ^TC
    1h 1 hour ago

    Already hit gold passport platinum. Any chance I can do a diamond challenge with you guys?
    13m 13 minutes ago

    Hyatt Concierge
    Not currently, but always be on the look out for future promotions. ^TC”

  6. As a Hyatt Platinum I sent an email to Hyatt GP within an hour of Gary’s post. I sent screenshots of my IHG Platinum and a recent Point Breaks stay with them. I just got an email saying I’m now Hyatt Diamond. I logged in and have the 4 upgrade awards, too. UNBELIEVABLE!

  7. @Rob P,

    I am glad they did not deny you the upgrade, as that would be even more stupid (and would not surprise me).

    Staying at a Hyatt now, reached out to the GM, asked him if he plans to convert the Diamond Checkin desk to ‘Non-Diamond guests’ and leave it unattended for the next year.

    I am still at a loss for the business case in setting the bar this low and turning every Hyatt guest into a Diamond. Would love to hear it. Anyone?

  8. Hilton Diamond / SPG Gold – DM’d @Hyatt Concierge on Friday and heard back today that they would be willing to match me to Platinum Status – Not very useful as I already have it from the Hyatt Card from Chase

  9. Not sure why the delay, other than volume of inquiries, but my Diamond match was confirmed today 12/3. Thanks for the heads-up Gary!

  10. Hi Thomas,

    I am curious what you used to get the Hyatt Diamond. A friend of mine send in Marriott Platinum and got just Platinum.

  11. @Mike I mentioned I am HH Gold & IHG Plat, ‘splitting my loyalty’. (I’m also Carlson Gold, but forgot to mention it in my request.) At any rate, I figured 2 mid-tiers might equal 1 top-tier, and apparently it did.

  12. I have Hilton Diamond – but going in, the DM from Hyatt suggested I’d only get Platinum. And what I got was Platinum. I’ve politely asked to be considered for Diamond as it looked like they were doing when this started, but I’m guessing I’ll be politely told that I’ll get Plat and like it. So be it.

  13. I am Platinum at Hyatt and Diamond at Hilton (and will be Diamond this year).
    The response was that I needed 20 nights at Hyatt to qualify.
    Not much of an incentive to move to Hyatt, aside from my normal spend.

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