Hyatt Offering Status Matches to Diamond on Twitter

Hyatt used to have a super generous and game-able offer where anyone with even Hilton Gold (through a credit card signup) could get temporary Diamond status complete with confirmable suite upgrades.

Park Hyatt Chennai

They eliminated that last fall, and have been on again, off again at best with select status challenges that do not ‘advance’ top tier elite status.

Now they’re back it seems.

Diamond Room Service Breakfast at the Park Hyatt Vendome, Paris

With many members worried over Marriott’s acquisition of Starwood, Hyatt took to Twitter to look for disaffected elites from other chains and offer them status matches.

It appears they are comping Diamond status through February 2017 to anyone who connects with them on Twitter and sends in an eligible elite membership card and a statement that shows one stay.

I maintain Hyatt Diamond status and am pleased. I receive (4) confirmed upgrades each year that are good for a confirmed at booking suite on any paid Hyatt rate up to 7 nights each. Hyatt has the best breakfast benefit (full restaurant breakfast for up to 4 registered guests when no club lounge is available at full service hotels).

If you have status with another hotel chain and a statement showing 1 stay or more, it’s worth messaging @HyattConcierge on Twitter.

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  1. With SPG capitulating to Marriot (10 Shades of Grey) I do not see the point of chasing SPG plat again next year. Burning all my SPG points on a trip around EU for Xmas. It would be tough to maintain Hyatt Diamond given that I travel to places they are not but having Gold with Marriot and Hilton as a backup why not play with it.

  2. I called Hyatt GP Gold Passport and the agent said “send in a copy of most recent folio to Hyatt GP and they would see about a match”.

  3. Having qualified for Hyatt Diamond this week, I’m a little bummed to see this. Marriott Plat, Hilton Diamond, and SPG Plat would have been able to tweet my way to Hyatt it seems.

  4. So would you receive the 4 upgrades as well? I have seen the Hyatt ad show up all over my twitter account the past day or so. I don’t usually stay at Hyatt’s as the properties aren’t usually where I am going but this could be useful

  5. Sounds great to me! Ill definitely bok some stays with Hyatt now if they match me to Diamond. This is great!

  6. @Susan many people have done the DIamond challenge and in the past tons of people were doing it because the full status was good while taking the challenge. Plenty of people did it for a vacation or something and never got the status.

  7. Can someone clarify if the “one stay” requirement is for a stay at Hyatt, or a stay at the hotel for which you have status?

  8. Currently a Hyatt diamond, didn’t requalify for next year….but Hilton Diamond and SPG Plat….would this work to extend my status?

  9. Susan, I feel your pain.
    Great news. Way to cheapen your brand and Diamond status Hyatt. Why not just open Diamond status up to anyone that’s ever even considered staying in any hotel the past three years? Let’s hit the 10 million mark for Diamond members! The millions can fight it out for award nights and suite upgrades. No better aspirational stay than an award stay at the Hyatt place ATL airport.

  10. @ Rolo Susan and others: don’ post here- reply to the @HyattConcierge tweet and tell them how, as a real diamond, you feel. DM them also. the process is thru DM, so they’ll read it. I imagine if 100+ real diamonds start tweeting disgust, the twitter team will have to mention the blow back to mgmt. 1 stay at a MS created hilton diamond gets you hyatt diamond to take award space with MS generated UR pints. awesome- well, except for the real diamond who can’t book PH _______ because some 19 year old’s on FT, sickdeals, etc took all the award nights…

  11. @susan: I understand how you feel. Similar happened to me with SPG plat doing the hard way. Take heart in that you are there and will enjoy.

  12. abby, great point.
    as someone who has 40 paid stays with hyatt this year, this announcement by hyatt is a slap in the face.
    on some occasions, i purposely forwent opportunities to book ihg pointbreaks so i can reach 25th stay faster. a few times this year, i drove 40-50 miles just to give hyatt my business.
    i will definitely be DMing hyatt concierge.

  13. @Gary sez: “I receive (4) confirmed upgrades each year…”

    LOL. What is this, a collusion among Hyatt GP kool-aid-drinking bloggers to refer to the 4 HGP DSUs as “confirmed”? I will just post below what I just posted over at One Mile at a Time, where DSUs were also referred to as “confirmed”.

    There is no such thing as a “confirmed” elite suite upgrade in the hotel loyalty business. Hyatt Diamond suite upgrades are “confirmable”, meaning that depending on availability, like any other elite suite upgrade, they can potentially be confirmed. To keep referring to HGP DSUs as “confirmed” is yet another attempt to make things seem better than they are, which is disingenuous.

  14. Wow, I booked about 16 nights at Hyatt during this fall just to get Hyatt diamond status. What is frustrating is Hyatt had no fall promo this year and seems like it would have been much better to stay at IHG instead and get all their fall promo points. WTH Hyatt!

  15. @DCS

    Please just stop posting. You talk about facts and yet you’re always changing context and misleading people.

    Let’s talk facts. These DSUs are confirmed in the *strongest* sense of the word. If it is available at time of booking, it is yours no matter how far out you booked it and what date you booked it for (new years). These are confirmed at time of booking, its the strongest suite benefit of any program. You wouldn’t understand that because you’re a HHonors koolaid subscriber. Yes you’re 12/12 or 14/14 suite upgrade every year that you cleared, save us the rubbish, no one cares about your statistically insignificant anecdotal evidence. You are not the only member with top tier status across programs. We have all been there.

    Whom exactly are you preaching to? FT/MP/IF and the BA blogs are all full of top tiers including HHonors top tiers who know exactly that Hilton late checkout = 2 pm if that. All of us have received 6 pm that one time, all of us receive very late check outs consistently at properties we are regulars at, that has nothing to do with the program(s). No HHonors Diamond is going to be granted 6 pm or even 4 pm at a property they are staying at first time. Suite upgrades at HHonors are not a norm. 1000s of personal first hand accounts on FT that are statistically significant vs Your anecdotal account. Hmmm.

    HHonors doesn’t and cannot compete with SPG or Hyatt or on property benefits like late checkout and suite upgrades.

    Keep touting the falsehoods. That Gary and Ben let you continue to use their websites to broadcast your views speaks volumes of their personality. That you continue to diss them with factually wrong statements and consistently return despite being at odds with their views speaks volumes about yours.

  16. I have 118 nights with Hyatt this year. I have just DM’d them, then send an email to 4 vip managers I know at the different hotels I stay at, all corporate properties. We need to shut this stupidity down. I have no issues with the diamond challenge, but this is like giving away all the perks with no loyalty at all.

    Everyone should do the same.

  17. Two people have asked for a clarification about the proof of stay element, is this at a Hyatt or the program you’re using for the status match? Also, that example where the guy is using Hilton and Starwood Gold and Accor Platinum is a laugh since all three statuses are comp’d with the US Amex Platinum card!

  18. @ Gary — Awesome!!! Thanks so much for the info. The timing could not possibly be better for me!

  19. It does look like Hyatt will match status, but it you are Hilton Gold, it’s not clear you will get Hyatt Diamond. The Hyatt concierge just says let’s talk and send us proof of your status. Anyone actually get Diamond?

  20. @Travel Griz – a matched Diamond should receive the 4 confirmed suite upgrades, in fact my guess is that they would receive 4 now and 4 again next year

  21. Gary,

    Please keep us updated on what happens to mid tiers from larger programs whose mid tier requirement is close to Diamond number of stays for Hyatt. Where are they slotting Marriott Golds for instance since MarGold is 50 nights, same as Hyatt Diamond.

    I am totally fine with the Diamond challenge where status is not granted upfront but the older Diamond challenge and this instant match is just asking for trouble, a real issue for existing Diamonds.

    At the very least they should offer their existing members a one year extension on their Diamond memberships, that would at least be a little more fair.

    I am all for more Diamonds for Hyatt, that’s how it will grow, that’s how Hyatt will expand and make money but this is just ridiculous.

    The problem is, you can do a challenge for many programs and get them in as little as 6-12 nights which is basically nothing and then status match your way to all programs (Hyatt Diamond is considered a counter part to most programs’ highest tier and matches accordingly)

    I have a friend whom I signed up for Marriott taste of challenge (do 9 stays) , he did 9 one nighters at close to 50 USD a night (Middle East summer…..) and now SPG and Hyatt have agreed to match that with their top tier status. SPG has a one off and Hyatt through this program. So with 9 nights at 50 USD each so 450 USD total, he has

    Marriott Platinum
    SPG Platinum
    Hyatt Platinum

    Meanwhile I am on Ritz 78 nights, SPG 122 nights and Hyatt 80 nights and am on the same level as him…..

  22. The Marriott merger has me livid. When I looked at Hyatt locations it actually fits my travel habits quite well. Waiting to hear back after submitting my SPG Platinum credentials last night.

  23. Abby, I already did that on Twitter and thru customer service. No response on Twitter but a seemingly understanding conversation with customer service. I completely understand Hyatt taking advantage of a marketing opportunity, I just think there should be a higher bar….or any bar for that matter… to attain diamond status, even temporarily.

  24. I don’t do social media of any kind. Is there another way to get a match status with Hyatt? I’m Plat with them now.

  25. @Jay I am chill man. I love chilling out in Hyatt Suites that I have earned. I think setting the bar this low is a huge mistake on their part. Anyone who would be a serious convert can get a regular Diamond Challenge which is very generous (CC doesn’t offer at all, Hilton sticks you in gold until you get there, MR…well MR allows anyone into their lounges).

  26. 5 hours wait for the twitter line to respond…the promo is ONLY SPG Plats matching to Hyatt Diamond. Nothing else.

  27. That’s a shame, I’m closer to SPG Plat than I am Gold Passport Diamond, guess my $$ will go to the easier to reach status…Hyatt had the chance to pull my business their direction. @Mike – if they’d have come to their senses they would have required more than 1 SPG stay this year, that would have potential to actually attract those who spend for stays rather than status via credit card.

  28. @Sice I meant that they have come to their senses as far as giving it away. But yes, the whole promo is a mess. It should have been a challenge or a requirement of more stays to get the right people. I am platinum on MR, Concierge on CC, Diamond of Hyatt and Gold on SPG. When I tried to get Hilton to match, they wanted to see pages of stays and then only offered a gold with a challenge to Diamond after like 20 nights. I did not bite as I felt that was not fair given that I showed them about 150 nights booked for this year alone.

    Hyatt just gave away the status to the people who will most likely abuse it and not be converts…and then ones like yourself get missed. Really stupid.

    Hopefully they will redo the promo with the right requirements and then pull in the real travelers.

  29. thks Gary, tweeted, and got this response to email to gold passport.

    Great! We are currently offering tier matching opportunities for
    Hilton, Starwood, Marriott, and Intercontinental hotels. Your Gold
    with SPG will help with Diamond status. All you have to do is email a
    screen shot of your current status and a stay that has taken place in
    the past year with that program to They will
    review your status and once you are determined eligible the will
    confirm your matched status. Please allow up to 48-72 hours for this
    to be completed. If you have a Gold Passport account number, please
    include that in your email as well. ^DB

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